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Meet the Experts - Webinars and Training Sessions on Electric Power Testing

Join our experts for short 15-30 minute presentations on electric power topics: from powertrain testing, to torque ripple and measurement uncertainty. The webinars are filled with tips and tricks and allow for an interactive feedback session.

Live Webinars

How to reduce electric drive testing times by 50%

  Thursday, November 3, 2022       04:00 PM CET | 11:00 AM EST       online

In this webinar, Klaus Lang will discuss a method that uses advanced cycle detection to conduct real-time analysis on a “fixed #of cycles”-window rather than a “fixed time”-window like conventional power analyzers to create drive maps in half the time while maintaining the same accuracy.

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Electric motor harmonic analysis, tracking, etc.

  Thursday, November 17, 2022       05:00 PM CET | 11:00 AM EST       online

In this webinar, Mitch Marks explains how to analyze, track, and measure electric motor harmonics.

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Measuring Torque Ripple Accurately

  Wednesday, November 30, 2022       07:00 PM CET | 01:00 PM EST      online

This webinar will focus on the details of torque in electric machines, specifically torque ripple. We will discuss what torque ripple is, when to look for it, how to measure it, why it’s important and some of its effects.

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Electric Power Testing Test Center

Power Analyzer Solution - Request a Live Demo Session

In our live demos, we will guide you through the requirements of electric power testing and power analysis. We will guide you through the hardware and software included in our eDrive power analyzer solution and answer all your questions. See you online!

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15-Minute Lunch & Learn: Electric Power Testing

  Live and on-demand sessions    

Grab a cup of coffee, turn on the volume, and join our experts during one of our 15 minute online lunch & learn meetings! Sign up for free to three interesting topics on electric power testing.

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Additional Webinars by HBM Prenscia

Why Do Electrification Engineers Choose nCode GlyphWorks?

  Wednesday, April 13, 2022      11 AM EDT / 4 PM GMT       English

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On-Demand Webinars

Online & Offline Seminars on Electric Power Testing

Custom Electric Power Workshops

Are you looking for a workshop on electric power testing tailored to your company's needs? Then let our experience work for you! Together we can chart out a content framework, determine the needs and expectations of your employees, and create a workshop tailor-made for you.

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