Our Sample Newsletter on Strain Gauge Measurements

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Part 2 of our series of articles about measurement accuracy in experimental stress analysis covers the measuring chain. It explains which factors influence the material, strain gauge (SG) or measuring amplifier and are likely to have an impact on measurements. In addition, you will learn how to assess and minimize measurement uncertainty.

Tips for experimental stress analysis

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Optical Sensor Technology Used in Monitoring: Reconstruction of a Church
In 2009, the dome of the 18th century church of Santa Maria del Suffragio in L'Acquila, an ancient city in Italy, collapses and the entire building suffers structural damage. Reconstruction is still going on today. Read more to learn how optical fiber sensors from HBM FiberSensing are used in structural monitoring of the church.

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QuantumX MX1615B: Perfect for Experimental Stress Analysis
The MX1615B strain gauge bridge amplifier enables up to 16 sensors or strain gauges (SG) in full-, half- or quarter-bridge configuration to be connected. This means that only one module is sufficient to measure all mechanical quantities - perfect for experimental stress analysis.

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New webinar: Reducing Measurement Uncertainty Throughout the Force Measurement Chain  
The webinar will address all key aspects of a measurement uncertainty assessment throughout the entire force measurement chain – from the sensor to the digital data stream.

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