BE3200 Test Sequencer

BE3200 Test Sequencer

The BE3200 test sequencer is designed for timing and sequence control of switchgear or ballistics tests. It replaces traditional electromechanical systems with microprocessor precision.

Up to 64 optically-isolated outputs are available, with extensive interlocking and safety features. Windows software provides control in milliseconds, cycles or degrees of phase via an optically-isolated serial port.

This high speed controller provides precise timing for the operation of devices used for testing in low/high voltage and high power laboratories. The timing pattern of the BE3200 can be synchronized to the mains generator, the external mains or derived from an internal timer. The outputs switch on and off in a programmed sequence and are fully synchronized. The synchronization signal tracks the input signal frequency. All outputs and inputs of the BE3200 are fiber optically isolated.


The sequencer is equipped with a number of protection measures to prevent damage to the equipment under test:

  • Mains Failure The system will continue to operate when the mains supply is interrupted.
  • Sync Failure When the synchronisation inputs are interrupted, the system switches to internal timebase, using the latest measured frequency.
  • Watchdog Timer If an internal failure occurs, "watchdog" circuit will clear the "sequencer on-line" status, which can be used to interrupt the main power.

Sequencer software

The sequencer Control program supplied with the test sequencer runs on a PC. The timing accuracy is better than 1 degree and the timing can be entered in milliseconds or in cycles and degrees. A downloaded sequence can run in a random-repetitive mode to be used for endurance testing.

The software allows complete integration with other high voltage data acquisition and analysis components of HBM Genesis HighSpeed.

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Important Customer Information

During a product audit of CE compliance HBM discovered a design flaw in the BE3200 test sequencer. Only units delivered before August 2010 are affected. For more information, please click here.