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Load Cells and Load Sensors from HBM: Always The Right Solution For Your Application

Innovative and reliable: HBM provides the optimal Load Cell or Load Sensor for your application. Rely on the competence of the worldwide market and technology leader in weighing technology.

Beam load cell

Beam Load Cells: The All-Rounders For Weighing Technology

Suited to a multitude of weighing technology applications - e.g. for tank weighing, in plant engineering, in process weighing ... it's your choice!

Beam Load Cells

Ring-torsion load cell

Ring-Torsion Load Cells: Low Profile And Powerful

If there is only limited space available: Ring-torsion load cells are extremely flat - and yet rugged and powerful. Ideal, for example, for tank weighing or low-profile truck scales.

Ring-Torsion Load Cells

Canister load cell

Canister Load Cells: Maximum Capacities Up To 400 t

The classic solution for truck scales: The canister load cell features an unparalleled high maximum capacity of up to 400 t. Used in over 250,000 applications worldwide by now!

Canister load cells

Single Point Load Cells

Single Point Load Cells: The Standard in Scales Manufacturing

They set the standard in platform scales and many filling and dosing applications: Single-point load cells from HBM!

Single point load cells

Digital Load Cells

Digital Load Cells: Ideal For Dynamic Weighing

Innovation in weighing technology: Digital load cells are particularly suitable for dynamic applications, e.g. weight grading machines, checkweighers or filling scales. Integrated electronics make digital load cells the ideal match for your production processes.

Digital load cells

Weighing Modules

Weighing Modules: Pre-assembled For Tank And Silo Weighing

Weighing modules that already partly feature integrated load cells offer particularly convenient solutions in silo and tank weighing. Just install the module on the container foot - and start weighing!

Weighing modules

Find The Optimal Load Cell For Your Application:

Load cells for silo weighing

Load Cells For Tank Weighing (Silo, Level Monitoring, etc.)

Load cell for scale manufacturing

Load Cells For Scales Manufacturers

e.g. for platform scales with one or several load cells, conveyor scales, hand-elevating weighers, overhead track scales, shop-counter scales, suspended tank weighers:

Weight grading machines, checkweighers, filling scales:

Load Cell for Dynamic Scale

Load Cells For Dynamic Scales

Load cell for filling applications

Load Cells For Filling Machines And Batching Processes

Custom Load Cells

Our standard models do not meet your requirements? HBM develops and produces customized load cells, tailored to your application.

Custom Load Cells

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Weighing Indicators And Load Cell Amplifiers

Load Cell Accessories


HBM - Your Trusted Load Cell Manufacturer

Load Cell Manufacturing with HBM

Good reasons for HBM: The world's #1 for load cell technology.

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Safety With Load Cell Certification

  • Load Cell Certificates
  • High-precision load cells with valid national and international test certificates
  • Different HBM load cells from the standard product program are available in ATEX95-compliant versions for the various zones
  • International approvals make HBM load cells easier and faster to use: (NTEP, GOS, OIML …)

Load cells for different accuracy classes

Good Reasons For HBM

  • Worldwide leader in the development and production of load cells for static and dynamic applications - for over 60 years!
  • Approved high quality, ruggedness and precision and, at the same time, competitive prices
  • Used in millions of applications - providing solutions from the load cell through weighing electronics to software and services.