The Somat eDAQ Non-Isolated Thermocouple Layer (ENTB) measures temperatures on 32 channels of non-isolated thermocouple signal conditioning. Thermocouples come in several styles of dissimilar metals, or calibrations; and the ELNTB is compatible with the four most common calibration types (J, K, T and E). Each channel is individually software-selectable between these calibrations.

Since 16 channels (x2) share a common cold junction, the ENTB has excellent channel-to-channel accuracy. This is particularly valuable when measuring things such as thermal gradients.

In addition to the ENTB layer, (2) Somat Cold Junction Thermocouple Boxes (ECJTB) are required for the thermocouple termination.

Product Specifications


Size: 9.2"W x 9.7"L x 1.3"H (23cmW x 25cmL x 3.3cmH)
Weight: 4.4lbs (2.0kg)
Temperature: -20° to 65° C
Connectors: (2) 37 Pin High Density D-Sub



Cold Junction Compensation: +/- 0.5° C
Thermocouple (Channel to Channel on the CJC): +/- 0.1° C (not including thermocouple inaccuracies)

Resolution: 16-bit ADC
Sample Rates: Independently Set, 0.1Hz-5Hz
Filtering: Guard Filters are used before the ADC on each channel, followed by digital filtering.
Thermocouple Types:

K Type-200° C to 1372° C
T Type-200° C to 400° C
E Type-200° C to 1000° C
J Type-200° C to 1200° C

Thermocouple Termination: Thermocouples are terminated in 16-channel Cold Junction Boxes.


(2) CBL-0007-00 Cables


(2) 16-channel Somat Cold-Junction Thermocouple Boxes

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