PMX: The industry standard for measurement

PMX is the leading data acquisition and control system for use in production lines and industrial test benches: Advanced lab measurement technology from HBM, perfectly designed for use in modern production.

PMX enables professional and precise acquisition of force, torque, vibration, pressure, strain, temperature, voltage, current, frequency, speed, angle of rotation, rotational direction and many other quantities.

High precision for optimum results in production

High accuracy when acquiring measurement data gives you considerable efficiency advantages in your production processes. With a sampling rate up to 38,4kHz, PMX offers the greatest precision for optimal quality assurance.

Moreover, PMX can already process the signal internally and transfer this in real-time to your automation system. PMX identifies transducers automatically thanks to the integrated TEDS system: this is dynamic plug and measurement technology for efficient production.

Real-time data acquisition via Industrial Ethernet

PMX supports current Industrial Ethernet technology: for example ProfiNET, EtherCAT and Ethernet/IP. Therefore PMX integrates seamlessly into modern production plants and enables the measurement, calculation and automation of your data in real-time.

Documented quality

PDF versions of the HBM calibration certificates for fitted measurement cards and a certificate of compliance as per EN 10204-2.1 were saved to the PMX device memory at the time of delivery and are available for download. Our HBM Calibration Service also recalibrates sensors and measurement systems

Scalability: PMX grows with your requirements

Thanks to flexible plug-in cards and the possibility to connect different PMX modules to each other, you can increase your number of channels. You can integrate up to 300 measurement channels and up to 600 mathematical calculation channels.



PMX is your ideal control module for application in modern production plants thanks to...:

  • Support of real-time communication via Industrial Ethernet
  • Modern browser-based user software
  • Flexible plug-in cards

...all of this at an unbeatable price!

Video tutorial

Learn how to use PMX for your measurement application with our video tutorial.

Video: PMX Adjustment Assistant

Read the PMX brochure

ePlan: Engineering tool for modern CAE software

In addition to the industrial amplifiers HBM provides the appropriate ePLAN macros. They allow easy and error-free integration of the instruments in the project planning of the automation environment.

ePLAN Electric P8 is an engineering tool for modern CAE software supported by a database and facilitates consistent project planning, documentation and administration of automation systems. ePLAN macros enable users to easily integrate the process controllers in their project planning. Parts data, drawings and pin assignments are available in ePLAN Electric P8 immediately after import of the macros.

The free macros are available on the documentation CD included in the process controllers' scope of supply and can also be downloaded here.

Title / Description Languages
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Data Sheets

Data sheet of the modular measuring amplifier system PMX

Safety Instructions

Documentation and safety instructions for the modular measuring amplifier PMX

German, French, English
Quick Start Guides
German, English, French
German, French, English
Operating Manuals

User Manual for the modular DAQ framework Common API


User manual for the HBM LabVIEW Driver


Operating manual for the modular measuring amplifier PMX

English, German
Release Notes
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Further reading

Success stories

Plant safety monitoring at EDF
HBM provided measurement equipment and services for monitoring a pressure pipe in a hydroelectric plant in France.

Integration of PMX with Torque Transducers at BCSA
Case Study about an innovative application by the French company BCSA that uses HBM technology.

Wind energy materials research at Fraunhofer IWES
Read how PMX enhances efficiency in a pluvial erosion test bench for wind power plants developed by Fraunhofer IWES.

Increased efficiency in the gypsum board production at Taishan Gypsum
A manufacturer of gypsum board, Taishan Gypsum Co. Ltd, has improved its production efficiency utilizing HBM’s PMX amplifier system.

Medical product developement at LifeTec
LifeTec specializes in independent contract-based research for businesses and institutions that introduce medical devices or implants onto the market.

Top-quality steel in rolling mills at SKF
Application Report from HBM Test and Measurement: Extending service life through acquisition of actual forces in rolling bearings.

Top-quality steel – reliably recording all parameters
Process monitoring in steel forming: Precise position, dimensioning and assembly are performed with finite elements calculations by HBM

Smart devices: intensive testing
PMX measures contact forces of a few Newtons for this application with long term stability and saves the maximum forces.

Quality control for switching devices
Switching on and off reliably – over the entire service life of a switching device. Guaranteeing this is the task of end-of-line test benches in switching device manufacturing.

Press monitoring boosts operating time at Schuler
PMX measuring chains record pressing forces as they occur with absolutely no interference, either in a direct force flow or in a force shunt measurement.

Increased quality of molded parts at DORST
Dorst Technologies has elected to use HBM's PMX amplifier platform, specially developed for industrial use, to design a new series of powder presses.

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