Accurate and reliable - Straightpoint depends on HBM strain gages

British load-testing specialist, Straightpoint (UK), now uses HBM strain gages in all of its force measurement, load monitoring and suspended weighing load cell products.

The company selected HBM to be its sole supplier of strain gages some four years ago as the failure rate for its previous strain gages had become excessive. David Ayling, Straightpoint’s Director, says, “The failure rate since we switched to HBM strain gages has been miniscule”. There can be up to four strain gages in some products.

Wireless load cell Radiolink Plus

Straightpoint, based in Hampshire, are global leaders in the design and manufacture of a large range of products with up to 1,000 tonnes capacity. These include its best-selling Radiolink Plus which is a wireless load cell used in a wide range of applications including overhead weighing, bollard pulling and tug testing.

The range of the wireless load cell is 250 meters and the unit is calibrated in tonnes although other ranges are available on request.
Ayling adds, “We are proud of our reputation for accurate and reliable measuring products making it essential that the strain gages we use meet those demands”.

Crane weigher scale Miniweigher Plus

Straightpoint has also manufactured the Miniweigher Plus since 1987. This crane weigher scale suits most applications and is available with capacities ranging from 100 kg to 5 tonnes. All of the models in the range utilize push button control for the tare weight and the units can be set to display in kilograms, pounds, kiloNewtons and tonnes.

The unit is supplied with a high quality Crosby hook and lifting eye although other fittings, such as Gunnebo or rod ends are available on request.

Swift and reliable

Straightpoint utilizes a modular construction method for manufacturing its products as this enables the company to keep a large supply of partly built products in stock. These can be swiftly completed and dispatched to meet customer’s orders with minimal delay.

Ayling comments, “HBM helps us to achieve our goal of being able to quickly get our products to our customers because it provides us with a swift and reliable service that matches our own values”.

Straightpoint has manufactured force measurement, load monitoring and suspended weighing load cells products for over 30 years; over 55% of its products are destined for export.

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