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TEDS: Plug and Measure with a Digital Electronic Data Sheet in the Transducer

TEDs (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) allows you to just plug and play in all your test and measurement tasks.

The digital datasheet holds all relevant transducer characteristics and calibration data for setting up the whole measurement chain in seconds. All other relevant meta data are also transferred from sensor to your measurement channel as well and makes it a traceable overall solution from sensor to result. This significantly simplifies handling of sensors.

Just choose from off-the-shelf sensors and amplifiers to your needs and start the journey. The TEDS chip is either already integrated in the sensor, or if this is not applicable can be installed in the transducer plug as well – it should be a fix configuration at the end without any adapters in between.

Working with TEDs – Benefits

Measure and Test with Highest Productivity

  • Reduce setup time from minutes to seconds by auto configuration of amplifier inputs right after plugging (plug & measure)

  • Automate your calibration process by software warning for recalibration

  • Maximize testing time

  • Reduce maintenance time by improved diagnostics

  • Simplify asset management by going digital (TEDS + PDF data sheets)


Increase Quality and Reliability in Your Daily Work

  • Use the true calibration data stored in TEDS in your sensor together the calibration data and certificate from your device

  • Reduce manual configuration faults

  • Improve traceability by linking all meta information of the sensor to test data

  • Improve sensor traceability by storing data sheets in parallel to unique TEDS ID in your software

Protect Environment by Reducing Print Outs

Your Measurement - Your Choice

Choose Your Sensor

  • TEDS in the sensor
  • TEDS in the transducer plug

Choose your amplifier

Combine and get started

The transducer characteristics required to set up the measurement chain are stored in the TEDS in the form of an electronic data sheet, which is read by the amplifier. All data is stored in so-called templates in the TEDS chip. These templates can be imagined as tables, where the sensor parameters are listed. The amplifier reads the information and the measurement chain can be set up automatically in no time.

  • Besides the manufacturer, the serial number and other information, the sensor’s sensitivity, which is the most important information, is, of course, stored in the TEDS

  • The sensitivity recorded in the test record is stored in all TEDS sensors from HBM coming with a test record which, in general, is included as standard, except for KMR force washers and SLB strain transducers

  • If a calibration is ordered (e.g. according to the ISO 376 standard), the calibration result can be optionally stored in the TEDS instead of the value recorded in the test record.

Yes, the sensor’s sensitivity (rated output) can be overwritten with new data, for example, in case of recalibration.

With the free HBM software "TEDS Editor", the information can be read and written easily by the TEDS chips.

HBM amplifiers, for example QuantumX, MGCplus, PMX or ClipX allow for writing to a sensor

No, TEDS is based on the IEEE 1451.4 standard which is recognized by many manufacturers.

TEDS Accessories

Plug Kit Sub-HD 15pol. (male)

Plug Kit Sub-HD 15pol. (male) with TEDS board
(0-wire) for storing a sensor data sheet;
Housing: Plastic metallized with knurled screws;
Note: TEDS chip is blank.

Article no.: 1-TEDS-HDB-15P


DSubHD 15-pole connector kit (male)

DSubHD 15-pole connector kit (male) including TEDS
chip (1-wire) for storage of a sensor data sheet;
Housing: Metallized plastic with knurled screws;
Note: The TEDS chip comes blank.

Article no.: 1-SUBHD15-MALE


SubD 15-pole connector kit (male)

SubD 15-pole connector kit (male) including
TEDS-board(0-wire) for storage of a sensor data sheet;
Housing: Metallized plastic with knurled screws;
Note: The TEDS chip comes blank

Article no.: 1-TEDS-DB-15P


Plug-Kit Sub-D 15pol. (male)

Plug-Kit Sub-D 15pol. (male) with TEDS chip
(1-wire) for storing a sensor data sheet;
Housing: Plastic metallized with knurled screws;
Note: TEDS chip is blank.

Article no.: 1-SUBD15-MALE


TEDS-board(0-wire) for Sub-HD-15

TEDS board (0-wire) for mounting in Sub-HD connector (15-pin)

Article no.: 1-TEDS-BOARD-HD15


TEDS-board(0-wire) for Sub-D-15

TEDS board (0-wire). for mounting in Sub-D connector (15-pin)

Article no.: 1-TEDS-BOARD-L


Packg. with 10 pcs. TEDS, 1-wire-EEPROM

Package 10 1-wire-EEPROM DS24B33 (IEEE 1451.4 TEDS).

Article no.: 1-TEDS-PAK


Packg. with 5 pcs. TEDS, 1-wire-EEPROM

Package 5 1-wire-EEPROMs DS28E07 (IEEE 1451.4 TEDS).

Article no.: 1-TEDS-PAK-B


Product Literature

TEDS - Data Sheet English
TEDS - Datenblatt German
Smart Measurement Technology for Smart Factories - Brochure English
Smarte Messtechnik für die Smart Factory - Broschüre German
TEDS - Mounting instructions English, German
IEEE Code for TEDS

Conversion template containing the IEEE codes for TEDS of all HBM transducers.

Date: 02/2022  |  Size: 2 KB

Declaration of Conformity
1-KAB, K-KAB (cable) - EU Declaration of Conformity 多語言
„TEDS“ Calibration Supplement

Information about the calibration data stored in the TEDS memory

Information zu den im TEDS-Speicher abgelegten Kalibrierdaten

English, German
TEDS - Information English, German
TEDS - Informazione Italian
TEDS - Editor

Software to read and write TEDS-data (IEEE 1451.4) into and from 1-wire and 0-wire TEDS-modules and backup it on PC.

Date: 09/2019  |  Version: 3.5R43  |  Size: 26 MB

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