SomatXR CX23-R data recorder for stand-alone data logging


  • The ultra-rugged data recorder for reliable, stand-alone data logging
  • Web interface allows for full real-time access to measured data from anywhere
  • Integrated CAN interfaces enable acquisition of vehicle data
  • Can be individually combined with various measurement modules of the SomatXR family

SomatXR Data Recorder CX23-R


Using the SomatXR system without a data recorder:

  • The measurement modules can be used without a data recorder
  • Simply by Ethernet connection from the PC to the measurement modules
  • Direct operation using catman measurement software



SomatXR MX460B-R: Rugged Impulse and Frequency Measurement Module


  • Precise rotational speed and torque measurement in mobile vehicle tests
  • Sample rates of up to 100 kS/channel
  • Signal bandwidth of up to 40 kHz

Somat MX460B-R

SomatXR MX840B-R for all sensor types and measurands: Ultra-rugged universal DAQ module

  • Ideal with frequently changing measurement tasks
  • Identifies all measured quantities and sensor types
  • Highly future proof
  • 8 universal channels with automatic sensor identification

Somat MX840B-R

SomatXR MX1615B-R: Ultra-rugged specialized DAQ module for measurements with strain gauges and SG-based sensors


  • Ideal for experimental stress analysis, structural and load testing
  • For use with strain gauges and SG-based sensors (half and full bridge)
  • 16 channels with automatic sensor identification

Somat MX1615B-R

SomatXR MX1601B-R: Ultra-rugged DAQ module for measurements with active sensors

  • Supports all electrical and active sensors
  • For sensors with current and voltage output incl. IEPE (e.g. acceleration sensors)
  • 16 channels with automatic sensor identification

SomatXR MX1601-B

SomatXR MX1609KB-R: Ultra-rugged DAQ module for temperature measurement (with type K thermocouples)

  • The specialist for temperature measurement
  • For type K thermocouples
  • 16 channels with automatic sensor identification

SomatXR MX1609KB-R

SomatXR MX411B-R: Ultra-rugged DAQ module for highly dynamic measurements


  • Amplifier for highly dynamic measurements
  • Supports virtually all common sensor technologies
  • 4 channels with automatic sensor identification

SomatXR MX411B-R

SomatXR MX471B-R: Ultra-rugged DAQ module for CANbus acquisition

  • CAN interfaces for acquiring vehicle data
  • Inputs for CANbus, including support of CCP or xCP-on-CAN
  • 4 channels that can be configured with a dbc file

SomatXR MX471B-R


All modules can be individually combined with each other.

Independent monitoring of measurement

You can sit back and monitor the test independently of the measuring point: On transmission of the measurement signal from the measuring point to the CX23-R data recorder, data can be viewed and processed directly via the data recorder’s web interface without any software installation – anytime and anywhere.

Parameterize channels, monitor measurement jobs and visualize data in just a few clicks. Standard network Ethernet technology allows for remote access to SomatXR. Wireless access to the web server is also possible via mobile devices.