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The EX23-R Ethernet switch is a new addition to the SomatXR family: 10 gigabit Ethernet ports are available for connecting SomatXR modules and accessories. This enables up to nine measurement modules to be connected to the CX23-R field recorder or a PC via Ethernet cable. EX23-R is integrated in the same enclosure as the other SomatXR modules and is thus just as rugged. It seamlessly integrates with the system concept.

Added functionality

'Power over Ethernet’ (PoE) enables accessories such as an Ethernet camera to be supplied with power on five of the ten ports at max. 15.4 W. The wiring effort is reduced, because no separate power supply line is required.

The Ethernet switch supports 'Precision Time Protocol Version 2‘ (PTPv2). Unlike the 'Network Time Protocol‘ (NTP), the focus with PTP lies on enhanced accuracy of less than one microsecond. A standard Ethernet switch can not guarantee this high level of synchronization quality.

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SomatXR EX23-R CAD step files
SomatXR EX23-R Accessories CAD step files

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