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catman 資料擷取軟體: 連線、測量、可視化、分析

透過 catman資料擷取軟體(DAQ軟體),您可以輕鬆地對您的測量數據進行擷取、可視化、分析—立即或事後處理。 無論是在移動現場測試實驗室的零組件測試工作載台測試或者監控任務,catman都可輕鬆應對任何測量挑戰。


  • 操作直觀 – 無需編程技巧
  • 支持 光纖和電阻測量鏈
  • 採用 TEDS 進行自動通道配置
  • 整合傳感器資料庫,包括單個傳感器建立和校正
  • 並行同步擷取車輛總線(CAN/CAN FD)和類比測量信號
  • 開放式 DAIO 接口,可整合任何硬體


  • 輸入數據的實時處理 (電功率, 雨流, 和應變花計算)
  • 多種數據可視化方式(隨時間、頻率、角度)
  • 基於地圖的GNSS/GPS數據可視化
  • 與測量數據並行視頻數據
  • 即使惡劣環境下,也可採用觸摸屏進行操作
  • 強大的監控和事件通知
  • 可通過 web 瀏覽器遠程查看


  • 易於使用的數據清理工具
  • 強大的後處理分析
  • 大數據集比較
  • 工作流自動化的腳本
  • 將數據導出為任何格式: ASCII, EXCEL, DIAdem, MTS RPC III, MATLAB, NI TDMS, nCode s3t, Vector MDF 3/4, nSoft DAC, UFF58, 等
  • 自動生成 Office 文件(基於模板)
  • 用於後處理的Data viewer (nCode Viewer)

What Our Customers Say About Us

We have been using HBM's catman AP data acquisition software in structural testing for several years. We appreciate the usability, reliability and enormous range of functions. Without catman, we would not run a measurement analysis! HBM offers first-class support and an integrated knowledge base, responding to new possible improvements and questions very fast.

Werner Malgut, University of Applied Sciences Bremen, Institute for Experimental Statics

Make Your Measurement Project a Success


An Introduction to catman


First Measurement in catman

Tips & Tricks for catman

Learn more about the different functionalities of catman. Check out our video tutorials, tech-notes, seminars and case studies on catman.

catman Knowledge Base

探索 catman 功能 - 瀏覽圖庫

Choose the Right catman Package for Your Needs


catman Easy is the basic version which includes online and offline setup, online visualizations, and online maths as well as recording functionalities. catman Easy can be combined with two different add-on modules:

  • EasyMath: Mathematics module and auto sequences for catman Easy.
  • EasyScript: Free programming under VBA in measurement and analysis mode.


catman AP adds powerful modules to the full catman Easy software package, such as:

  • GNSS/GPS data visualization on maps
  • Video Recording
  • Wheelforce transducer integration
  • Parallel Recording
  • Cloud data streaming


catman PostProcess offers various post-process tools to process, analyze and report your results, such as:

  • Curve operations (peak value detection, cut & smooth data, remove peaks)
  • Math functions (e.g. strain gauge rosette calculation, electric power calculation)
  • Data visualization
  • Video replay
  • Statistics & Classifications (e.g. rainflow counting, time-at-level)
  • Data export & Report

catman Upgrade and Maintenance Packages

To get the best out of your software and measurement project we offer you additional upgrades and maintenance packages:

  • catman AP Upgrade: Upgrade your catman Easy into the catman AP software package and benefit from the comprehensive range of functionalities within catman AP.
  • catman Easy Software Maintenance and catman AP Software Maintenance: With the 12-month or 24-month software maintenance contract you will gain a direct access to the HBM technical support, free of charge catman software updates released during maintenance period and an email notification of new catman software versions.

catman Enterprise

Besides the catman software packages, catman is also available in an enterprise version for test with up to 20,000 measurement channels - ideal for aerospace applications.

nCode Viewer

Your measurement project requires a large team? Use the free of charge nCode Viewer for your catman projects to visualize and analyze your measurement data.

Compare the Functionalities of catman Software Packages

System requirements: Windows 8 / 10 / 11 (32 and 64 Bit). Supported interfaces: Ethernet PC interface, DAIO interface for connection of any measurement hardware, USB-based GPS devices, and video cameras with DirectShow interface.

catman 5.6.2 新功能

  • MQTT;
  • MXFS SI 集成功能改進;
  • 大型 CAN 數据集處理功能改進;
  • 其它幾個錯誤修復和功能改進.

Interested in catman?

Get your free trial version of catman data acquisition software and test the different functionalities within 25 program starts.

catman Trial Version

catman University Packages

You are a student or teaching at a university? Contact us for our attractive catman university packages.

catman University Packages

Benefit from our Excellent Service and Support

The Perfect Bundle – A Reliable & Consistent Measurement Chain

The secure and reliable catman data acquisition software can be combined perfectly with HBM’s sensors and the data acquisition systems QuantumX, SomatXR, and MGCplus. From the sensor to the software: simply "plug and measure".

catman and the Supported Hardware

QuantumX - Universal and Distributable

The DAQ system QuantumX is the perfect tool for data acquisition of almost all physical quantities and sensor technologies. 

MXFS - Seamless Optical Measuring Chain

MXFS Optical Measurement Module for thermal validation and structural health applications.

SomatXR – Ultra-rugged and flexible

The rugged SomatXR DAQ system is extremely reliable and protected against humidity, dust, shock, and vibration.

MGCplus - Low to High Channel Counts

Whether it is for calibration or fatigue tests: the MGCplus DAQ system acquires many different quantities, like torque and current.

Documents & Downloads

catman - Caractéristiques techniques French
catman - Data Sheet English
catman - Datenblatt German
catman - Bedienungsanleitung German
catman - Operating Manual English
catman - Quick Start Guide French, German, English
catman Easy / AP / PostProcess

Software for data acquisition, visualization, analysis and reporting of measurement data for your PC or QuantumX/SomatXR Data Recorder.

Date: 09/2023  |  Version: 5.6.2  |  Size: 473 MB
Related Documents: Release Notes

Plugin for DIAdem / catman

This plugin allows you to open .bin files from HBM catman directly in DIAdem.

Date: 07/2013  |  Version: 1.9.0  |  Size: 74 KB


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