HBM 功率分析知识库

HBM eDrive 测试用功率分析仪,能让您深入了解电机和逆变器之间的关系。和其他功率分析仪不同, HBM eDrive 测试不仅可为您提供测量数据,还可进行深入分析,仅仅数秒即可完成,并且适用于 6 相电机。进入逆变器和电动传动系统的真实分析世界。

Electric Power Testing Webinars & Live Events

Join our experts for short 15-30 minute presentations on electric power topics: from powertrain testing, to torque ripple and measurement uncertainty. The webinars are filled with tips and tricks and allow for an interactive feedback session.

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Electric Power Testing Test Center

Electric Power Testing: Customer Voices & Case Studies

Simplify the testing of motors and inverters by combining multiple test systems into one single device. Let our customers tell their success story.

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