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採用 Genesis HighSpeed 進行高速資料獲取,加速測量能力

Genesis HighSpeed 系列資料獲取系統擁有最高的採樣速率和中高通道量。基於模組化的設計,根據你的需要,可以配置一個或上千通道。

所有的通用感測器都有實體信號調節器或具有隔離功能,可以在上兆伏電壓下進行浮地信號採集。每個通道的最高採樣頻率範圍從20 kS/秒到100 MS/秒。
系統即裝即用,易於使用的 Perception 高速資料獲取軟體,用戶操作更方便。安全,擁有專利 StatStream 重播技術可以瞬間重播數G位元組的大型測試資料檔案。


  • Choose from 7 different mainframes
  • With or without integrated PC
  • Windows or Linux based
  • Multi-Mainframe capabilities
  • Optical Master / Slave
  • PTPv2 and IRIG synching


  • Sample rates from 20 kS/s to 250 MS/s
  • Isolated digitzers with 25 or 100 MS/s
  • 14 to 24 bit resolution
  • Continuous streaming to PC with 200 MB/s per mainframe
  • Data compression during transfer fur further speed increase
  • Local storage with up to 400 MB/s per mainframe
  • Continuous recording or triggered sweeps – up to 200 per second


  • Stand alone operation without PC connected
  • Linux based OS in tethered acquisition units
  • Local SSD RAIDs for storage without network
  • Safe recovery of data after power loss
  • Reliable hardware triggers per channel
  • Optional optical interfaces for data, synch, and trigger to eliminate noise issues


Choose a mainframe with or without a PC. Using the synchronization function, you can operate several mainframes simultaneously – with thousands of channels in parallel.


Genesis High Speed offers a wide selection of data acquisition cards with sampling rates of 20 kS/s to 100 MS/s. Save your data streams directly to hard disk at up to 400 MB/s. Dual acquisition mode makes it possible to switch sampling rates – if necessary up to 400 times per second.


Even in challenging application environments, you can be sure that your measurement results are secure with Perception and Genesis High Speed – especially for non-repeatable tests.

Combine a mainframe, the input boards which fit best, and Perception software. Or integrate the Genesis hardware into your own software.

Versatile Applications


 Energy / High-Voltage

  • Circuit breaker and switchgear testing
  • Lightning impulse analysis
  • Switching impulse analysis
  • Analysis of transient recovery voltage (TRV)
  • Fuse test


  • Management on injection systems
  • Analysis on ignition coils

 Electric Drives & Generators


  • Preventive maintenance and inspection
  • Previsions according to maintenance plan
  • Troubleshooting

How to Interface with Genesis HighSpeed and/or Perception

Would you like to use Perception software and/or the Genesis HighSpeed system for your own specific needs? No problem! You can integrate them into your specific environment and use them exactly the way you want by selecting one of the many different interfacing options.

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Select your Genesis High Speed DAQ System

Use the filter below to define the signals/sensors and the speed of your measurement, the quantity of channels and the kind of mainframe you need. If you aren't sure about a requirement, just leave it open. 

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