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DMP41: The Worldwide Standard for Accuracy and Precision

The DMP41 serves as the standard for mV/V measurements around the world enabling the highest-precision comparative measurements of mechanical quantities. Owing to its unique combination of highest accuracy and precision as well as excellent long-term stability, the DMP41 is the first choice for national metrology institutes.

Besides metrological applications, DMP41 is a perfect fit for development, production and quality assurance of strain gauge transducers as well as transducers linked to weight, force, pressure or torque. High loads and small deviations – this is where the DMP41 precision measuring amplifier shows it strengths.



High Accuracy and Precision

  • Unrivalled accuracy class of 0.0005
  • Resolution up to the physical limit
  • Digital filter with 13 selectable frequencies for low-noise measurements
  • Long-term stability with an error band of only ±5 ppm over 40 years

Solving Demanding Tasks

  • Patented background calibration
  • Insensitive to electromagnetic influences
  • Full compensation of wire resistances
  • Linearization with up to eleven values

Easy Integration

  • Different connectivity options (Ethernet, RS-232)
  • Simultaneous measurements with multiple channels, can sync with MGCplus
  • Intuitive operation via touchscreen, keyboard, or computer
  • Available as desktop or rack-mounted version

What our Customers Say

The DMP systems have been used in RUAG's wind tunnels and for the calibration of its wind tunnel balances for more than 10 years. The originally specified requirements regarding accuracy, resolution, repeatability, and availability are still met or exceeded today. The periodic calibrations also show excellent long-term stability. The measurement results obtained have served and continue to serve our customers as confirmation or as valuable input for the further improvement of their product.

Your Choice: Desktop Housing or Control Cabinet

The DMP41 precision measuring instrument is available as desktop housing or 19-inch rack frame for mounting in control cabinets with two or six independent measurement channels.


Housing TypeMeasurement ChannelsOrder Number
19-inch rack frame21-DMP41-E2
19-inch rack frame61-DMP41-E6

Enhance your Knowledge on DMP41

Get some expert insights on the DMP41 digital precision measuring instrument with different IMEKO Proceedings. Just go to the IMEKO Proceedings and search for DMP41.

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DMP41 Brochure

Benefit from the world's reference for strain gauge based measurements and more than 40 years' experience. Download the DMP41 brochure now and learn more.

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Product Literature

DMP41 - Caractéristiques techniques French
DMP41 - Data Sheet English
DMP41 - Datenblatt German
DMP41 - Prospetto dati Italian
DMP41 - データシート Japanese
DMP41 - 數據表 Chinese
DMP41 - Brochure English
DMP41 - Brochure French
DMP41 - Broschüre German
DMP41 - Bedienungsanleitung German
DMP41 - Description des interfaces et jeu de commandes French
DMP41 - Interface description and command set English
DMP41 - Manuale d'istruzione Italian
DMP41 - Manuel d'emploi French
DMP41 - Operating Manual English
DMP41 - Schnittstellenbeschreibung und Befehlssatz German
DMP41 - 操作說明 Chinese
Declaration of Conformity
1-KAB, K-KAB (cable) - EU Declaration of Conformity 多語言
DMP41 - EU Declaration of Conformity 多語言
DMP41 Firmware

Download zip file, unpack it and start setup to generate a USB recovery stick.

Date: 04/2017  |  Version:  |  Size: 702 MB

DMP41 System CD

Download zip file, unpack it and start setup.

Date: 07/2023  |  Version: 3.0  |  Size: 73 MB

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