Digital weighing electronics with AES

HBM also uses this recognized standard with a key size of 256 bits in the DIS2116 digital weighing electronic. The temptation to manipulate data for financial gain is especially great in weighing systems. This refers not only to scales in supermarkets.

Truck scales are also regularly verified by the weights and measures officers for good reason. After all, who can really say when purchasing large quantities of sand, rock, or earth whether the weight shown on the scale is the real weight? The same applies in the opposite sense when removing materials, for example construction waste.

Manipulation excluded

Data is transferred from the load cells to the DIS2116 digital weighing electronic in legal-for-trade mode based on AES encryption. Internal storage of weighing data as well as the date and time are also encrypted. This makes it possible to check the authenticity of the determined data at any time, which is hardly possible in an open PC network with extensive branching. Changes made to the scale are also saved and can later be retraced by weights and measures officers. Manipulation thus becomes readily apparent and is therefore excluded.

Easy installation

Installation of digital weighing electronics does not represent a difficulty for system integrators. Only a few software commands are required to integrate the DIS2116 in higher-level systems. Since all data required for legal-for-trade (LFT) applications (for example date, gross, net, tare, manual tare) are saved internally in encrypted format, the post-processing software does not require any special functions in terms of LFT capability. Therefore standard software can be used to edit the data, which offers significant cost advantages.

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