TEDS: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions and answers about TEDS technology (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet): Just click on the question to read the answer!

The transducer characteristics required to set up the measurement chain are stored in the TEDS in the form of an electronic data sheet, which is read by the amplifier. All data is stored in so-called templates in the TEDS chip. These templates can be imagined as tables, where the sensor parameters are listed. The amplifier reads the information and the measurement chain can be set up automatically in no time.

  • Besides the manufacturer, the serial number and other information, the sensor’s sensitivity, which is the most important information, is, of course, stored in the TEDS

  • The sensitivity recorded in the test record is stored in all TEDS sensors from HBM coming with a test record which, in general, is included as standard, except for KMR force washers and SLB strain transducers

  • If a calibration is ordered (e.g. according to the ISO 376 standard), the calibration result can be optionally stored in the TEDS instead of the value recorded in the test record.

Yes, the sensor’s sensitivity (rated output) can be overwritten with new data, for example, in case of recalibration.

catman software also enables the information in the sensor database to be used to easily overwrite a TEDS.

HBM amplifiers, for example QuantumX or MGCplus, allow for writing to a sensor

No, TEDS is based on the IEEE 1451.4 standard which is recognized by many manufacturers.

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