Guidelines for Suppliers

Below you find the conditions that are binding for each order from HBM. In addition to the commercial General Terms and Conditions of Purchase, the more technical HBM Guideline for Suppliers on Quality and Environmental Management (HBM-Leitlinie für Lieferanten zum Qualitäts- und Umweltmanagement) is also binding.

Environmental policy

For the purpose of actively supporting HBM’s environmental policy we also expect that at least those staff members of our suppliers who cooperate with HBM directly know, respect and observe our environmental policy and, if possible, contribute to its implementation.

Observing the laws and bodies of legislation even is an absolutely indispensable and compulsory prerequisite for a supplier relationship with HBM.

HBM's environmental policy (PDF)

Conflict Minerals Policy

HBM is committed to working with its supply chain partners to increase transparency regarding the origin and traceability of minerals contained in products. HBM will not knowingly procure specified metals that originate from facilities in the Conflict Region that are not certified as “conflict free”.

Click here to download the HBM Conflict Minerals Policy

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