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BN100A - Bridge calibration unit

The BN100A bridge calibration unit is a highly precise calibrator to calibrate measuring equipment and measurement chains which function with a carrier
frequency of 225Hz. In the first instance the BN100A is intended for the calibration of the DMP40 and DMP40S2 digital precision instruments.

The BN100A bridge calibration unit is inserted in the measuring system to be calibrated in place of the transducer (full bridge), or is connected directly with the measuring instrument, and simulates with the aid of switchable inductive dividers the output signals of the transducer in a range of ±100mV/V.

The unique precision of the simulation of the transducer signals is effected by a control circuit which additionally reduces the low error of the inductive divider stages of a large degree. The full accuracy of the BN100A only comes into effect when it is connected in the six-wire-circuit. The calibration error will then be max. 5ppm with a signal of 2mV/V.

Key Features

  • High-precision simulation of defined output signals of 350ohm strain-gage full-bridge transducers
  • Calibration signal adjustable in 0.1mV/V steps in the range from -100mV/V to +100mV/V
  • 0.0005 accuracy
  • For transducer excitation with 225Hz carrier frequency

Product Literature

BN100A - Data Sheet English
BN100A - Datenblatt German
BN100A - Prospetto dati Italian
BN100A - データシート Japanese
BN100A - Operating Manual English, German
Declaration of Conformity
1-KAB, K-KAB (cable) - EU Declaration of Conformity 多語言
BN100A - EU Declaration of Conformity 多語言

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