Scansys, Belgium - test rig for dynamic testing of differ Scansys, Belgium - test rig for dynamic testing of differ | HBM

Scansys, Belgium - test rig for dynamic testing of differential gears

Scansys, based in Herstal, Belgium, is a specialist enterprise that develops and produces test rigs for dynamic testing as well as specialist machinery.

The main areas of use are pumps, gears, drive units and motors. The customer gets a ready-to-use test rig manufactured to his exact requirements complete with all measurement equipment including that for data acquisition and evaluation.

For one end customer, ZEXEL of Belgium, the task was to develop high-performance test rigs for dynamic testing of differentials direct in the production line. The essential requirements of this were:

  • Dynamic torque measurement
  • As accurate as possible measurement of torque and speed of rotation
  • 100% process control in the production line.

In the tendering phase ZEXEL received three quotes, all of which – remarkably – had used the T10F torque flange from HBM for torque measurement.

The deciding factors in Scansys’ choice of torque measuring instrument were the excellent performance and accuracy of the T10F for both dynamic and static applications. For measurement signal conditioning Scansys uses PME process measurement electronics, also from HBM. As a standard solution the PME system offers a Profibus DP gateway that can be integrated easily into existing process control systems.

Each test rig is equipped with two T10F torque flanges and the relevant PME module MP60-DP. In order to be able to calibrate all the gear test rigs uniformly a DKD-calibrated T10F is used as a reference transducer.