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Easy-to-Assemble Accessories for Fiber Optical Sensing

Accessories such as patch cables, optical adapters, and more, are available from HBK FiberSensing to enable you to build up a complete optical measuring system in a quick and reliable manner.

Optical Patch Cable

Patch cables are used to extend the length of optical fibers. These cables have an optical plug at each end and are connected by an optical socket. 

  • FS81 - Polyester Patch Cable: optical fiber cable for laboratory use (9μm core fiber, 1m length, 0.9mm hytrel buffer protection and two FC/APC connectors
  • FS82 - Aramid Patch Cable: Optical fiber cable with selectable lengths for indoor use (9 µm core fiber, LSZH outer buffer with 3 mm diameter, Kevlar reinforcement, selectable connector types)
  • FS83 - Armor Patch Cable: Optical fiber cable with 20 m length for indoor use (9 µm core fiber, LPDE outer buffer with 3 mm diameter, stainless steen and Kevlar reinforcement, selectable connector types)

HBK optical adapters for FBG sensors are used to connect several sensors in series with minimal optical losses.

1-FS80 100 - Optical adapter FC/FC
1-FS80 300 - Optical adapter SC/SC


A red laser-light source used for troubleshooting optical fiber systems, for example to determine fiber breaks or to evaluate bending radii. The optical connecting socket of the fiber tester is designed for FC/APC plugs.






A cleaning tool for optical connectors.






A fiber optic splitter 1x2 with FC/APC connectors.

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