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Smart devices: intensive testing

Modern smartphones and operating units provide fascinating new features and user friendly design. But these devices must pass through an extensive development and testing process before they ever reach consumers.

Before testing begins, the scope of the tests is defined. It must meet and go beyond the actual requirements. Small robots equipped with a movement profile and a saved test sequence are used to simulate the different operating procedures and forces that can occur.

PMX measures contact forces of a few Newtons for this application with long term stability and saves the maximum forces. The four-channel PX455 measurement card for full and half bridges, force transducers and load cells is especially impressive here. On the other hand the PX878 multi input/output card has a total of eight digital inputs, eight digital outputs and five analog outputs. The analog outputs can be used for output of measurement or computing channels – ideal for service and maintenance. All settings are saved in a parameter set in the PMX. This serves to define an individual test program suitable for the touch panel being tested.

The integrated web server makes device parameterization amazingly simple. The real-time PX01PN ensures that signals are directed via real-time Ethernet interfaces to the machine control, so that parameters can be readjusted.

All measured values are also recorded by PMX via Ethernet with the HBM catman® software during start-up and test runs for quality data storage and later evaluation.