Top-quality steel – reliably recording all parameters Top-quality steel – reliably recording all parameters | HBM

Top-quality steel – reliably recording all parameters

Depending on the  final product, steel must be available in a special shape, alloy and quality. The quality of the outgoing products, sheet steel, is largely determined in production.

Steel of the required thickness is formed in long rolling mills. The important parameters in this forming process are force, temperature and speed. Custom-made strain gauge applications are used to record signals directly in the roller bearings in real time. Precise position, dimensioning and assembly are performed with finite elements calculations by HBM. The four-channel PX455 measurement card records these parameters to ensure reliable processes and makes them available to system control via real-time-capable fieldbuses. This ensures optimum utilization of capacity for entire rolling mills.

To remain competitive, these plants must be highly automated and require minimal servicing. PMX scores high in this respect with its diagnostic functionalities. Remote maintenance up to the sensor level can also be implemented with the integrated web server, which reduces maintenance costs. The prolonged durability of the mill ultimately ensures constant product quality.