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Press Load Monitoring

Forming presses, also referred to as machine presses or simply as presses, are used to bring workpieces or raw materials into certain desired shapes. The force within these presses has to be applied precisely, not only for safety in operation, but also for the quality of the products. The control of the press forces is, therefore, a part of the quality control as well as the traceability of the production process and press-tool control in terms of defects.

The pressing forces, the number of strokes, and the distribution of the force on the pressing tool are the most relevant characteristic quantities for efficient press operation, whether in big sheet-metal-presses or in fast running pill-presses.

Modern and intelligent solutions from HBK help to control and optimize the process parameters for a zero-error production and predictive maintenance.

The HBK solution

  • Availability of all relevant sensors including force and strain transducers
  • Strain gauge based and piezoelectric sensors available
  • Perfectly matched industrial electronics
  • HBK sensors are ready for parallel setup
  • Instruments with a wide range of different interfaces ‘open automation’ – from analogue out to modern field bus and IIoT connection.

Reliable Measurement

Reliable measurement of the force on each press stand as well as the total force of the press and a wide range of diagnostic data.

Reduced Operation Risk

Reliable monitoring of the distribution and direction of force to ensure timely maintenance and reduce outages.

Lower Costs

Parts of inferior quality are recognized during pressing and won’t be installed. Predictive maintenance for fewer outages and repairs.

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Dorst Technologies: EP 70 M Servo-motor Driven Powder Press with SLB700A/06 and PMX

Dorst Technologies, a supplier of machines producing ceramic and powder metallurgical products, has developed the EP 70 M model, a 70 tonne strong powder press, that presses metal powders into solid products such as gearwheels. Technology from HBK ensures that the individual segments of the produced components all have the same density.

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Schuler Group: Minting Press with SLB700A and MP85A

Schuler relies on the SLB700A strain transducer and the MP85A measuring amplifier to monitor the force of the pressure used for minting. Up to 800 coins are minted every minute on one press, which for a 2-euro coin means an equivalent value of 1,600 euros per minute of ‘new’ hard cash.

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