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Serving a greener automotive industry

The automotive industry has to adapt production and assembly processes in the face of the rapid changes in European environmental standards. New regulations have to be implemented while still remaining competitive. This is why industrial measurement technology from HBM is at the heart of a greener automotive industry.

The demands on energy efficiency and the CO2 balance of motors are constantly increasing. New regulations must be complied with and flexible solutions found at the same time in order to ensure product quality over the long term. A manufacturer of water, oil and vacuum pumps for thermal engines therefore decided to use a complete solution from HBM.

Precision force measurement in minimal space

The sensor choice fell on the CFW piezoelectric force washer from HBM. The transducer allows the press-fitting of a bearing, a cap or a seal with the same electric press.

Flexibility and traceability

An MP85A was also used by the pump manufacturer. This amplifier can be very flexibly integrated in the automation, enabling traceability. The amplifier's FASTpress Suite software includes a new module that automatically generates production measurement reports which can be sent by email or printed out and which is used to monitor all production steps – including remote monitoring.

Everything in view – with the right software

Software completes the end of the measurement chain – once again from HBM. EASYmonitor CE visualization software, installed on a standard Siemens MP277 operating unit, displays the results in real time to the head of the production line. And HBM EASYteach supports the user in detecting and avoiding production deviations through traceability data.