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FASTpress Suite: HMI Software for Function and Quality Control in Production

FASTpress Suite is a powerful software for function and quality control in virtually any production process. Its intuitive user interface provides three operating concepts and various user rights and is thus optimally tailored for use by operators, service staff, and administrators. Moreover, the software is ideally suited to be used with touch-controlled terminals in industrial environments.

Versatile visualization and analysis tools ensure fast and precise diagnostics. The FASTpress Suite allows for the simultaneous parameterization and visualization of up to 12 type MP85A-FASTpress and MP85A-S-EASYswitch process controllers.

The software uses plug-in technology to make it easily and flexibly expandable with many functions. It stores up to 1,000 settings (formulations) to allow fast and easy changes in the production process. Its API enables the FASTpress Suite to be customized to meet special requirements.

  • 3 level software package: PME Assistant and add-on modules, professional visualization, and programming tools
  • Documentation: Continuous storage of data, results, and statistics (OK/NOK)


  • PME Assistant for easy parameterization of all measuring amplifiers of the PME series
  • 3 level operating and configuration concept for use by operators, service staff, and administrators
  • Straightforward analysis providing graphical and tabular displays of current and stored processes
  • Integrated diagnostics and fault analysis
  • Reliable data storage and analysis of all process curves and results
  • Graphical parameterization of OK/NOK analysis objects, such as tolerance band, tolerance window, and envelope curve in MP85A-FASTpress and MP85A-S-EASYswitch process controllers.

Quality assurance in production processes and time savings due to clear visualization and intuitive operation


  • Professional analysis of process data and generation of tolerance windows and envelope curves using EASYteach
  • Versatile input options due to touch-controlled user interface
  • Parallel parameterization and visualization of up to 12 MP85A-FASTpress and MP85A-S-EASYswitch process controllers
  • Storage of up to 1,000 parameter sets, including settings (formulations)

Versatile options for use due to many proven functions and expansions


  • Powerful EASYmonitor and INDUSTRYmonitor software for production terminals
  • Free PME Assistant for configuration and diagnostics available
  • Developer toolkit (API) for individual programming and customization of the software
  • Programming examples for dotNET API available for free download
  • Plug-in technology allowing for convenient functional expansion

Easy and individual functional expansion due to programming interfaces and plug-in technology

Available options

  • EASYteach and EASYsetup
  • EASYmonitor
  • INDUSTRYmonitor
  • Free demo version available
  • HMI display and operation modules (available on request)
  • Programming services (on request)

You can find more information in the FASTpress Suite program help and in our quick start guide. 

FASTpress Suite Product Literature and Downloads

INDUSTRYmonitor - Program Help English
INDUSTRYmonitor - Programmhilfe German
MP85A - Aide sur French
FASTpress Suite - Quick Start Guide French, German, English
PME FASTpressSuite CD

PME assistant, firmware loader and USB driver (for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7/8/10) for comfortable setup and visualisation. For smooth operation of modules with CAN interfaces, use the PEAK USB-to-CAN dongle. All required drivers are included and will be installed during startup.

This download includes:

  • PME-Assistant (V3.4.R208)
  • PME-Firmware Loader (V1.1.7)
  • IPM data conversion (V1.1)
  • License-manager for MP85A-Toolkit and MP85A-Runtime (necessary for MP85A PC-applications)

... and the demo versions of:

  • EASYteach (V1.0.5.10)
  • MP85A-Toolkit (V1.0.R5.12)
  • EASYmonitor CE (V1.1.1.1)
  • INDUSTRYmonitor (V1.2.1.22)

You can start those demo versions up to 25 times for free. To buy the full licence please visit the HBM shop or ask your local HBM representative.

Date: 01/2019  |  Version: 1.52  |  Size: 165 MB
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