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Operability and functional control are important features of industrial production systems for achieving a high production yield with consistent quality. Process controllers and control units perform control and monitoring functions. These devices are equipped with functions that are growing continuously more extensive and more intelligent to meet production requirements. In contrast, system planners and operators would like to place these systems in service and operate and maintain them quickly and easily. It is just these requirements that HBM addresses with the HMI* software solutions of FASTpress Suite.

* = Human Machine Interface

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FASTpress Suite – powered by HBM Industrial Software

The HMI software is part of the FASTpress software suite and works together with the process controllers of the FASTpress and EASYswitch families. It can also be adjusted and expanded country- and application-specifically.

Class Library (API)

The Framework Class Library (FCL) comprises several thousand classes divided into Namespaces. The classes perform tasks such as formatting text, sending e-mails, but also generating codes. Categorization into namespaces serves to arrange the large quantity of information more manageably. The manufacturer provides the documentation of classes with the software. All the functions of the HBM FASTpress and EASYswitch process controllers are combined in the API of the MP85A Toolkit. This makes all the implementation options for required device functions available to application programmers in their own application.

System Architecture

Process controllers of the FASTpress and EASYswitch series are used as hardware platform. Their physical connection to the host system on which the user's target application is running consists of the standardized Ethernet interface. The non-real-time TCP-IP protocol runs on this interface at 100 Mbit/s. With the MP85A Toolkit, HBM has created a tool that sets up and maintains the connection to the host system and also makes a library available from which the user can create a software application for the production process.

Availability and Tools

The manufacturer Microsoft offers .NET in various versions:

  • as a simple runtime environment together with the required class libraries (framework)
  • as a free SDK for developers
  • or sold as an integrated development environment (IDE) in the form of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

Especially for beginners and students, Microsoft Visual Studio Express Editions is available at no cost. It has restrictions compared to the expensive standard or professional versions. This makes it easy for both beginners and professional application programmers to get started. The HBM MP85A Toolkit also provides extensive help with numerous explanations and sample programs. These examples are available in the source code and can easily be adjusted and expanded.

Powerful production software – INDUSTRYmonitor

To make it possible to use the full performance of HBM process monitoring, a completely new user interface was created based on .NET technology. This tool is used to record process data, for visualization and to save data. In addition to the functions and information made available by the process controllers of the FASTpress and EASYswitch series, workpiece designations can also be read via bus interfaces (CAN, Profibus, Ethernet) or barcode scanners (USB). This information is displayed and saved and facilitates a clear overview and simple archiving of acquired process data. Up to 12 process controllers can be operated over the Ethernet network. Cycle times measured in seconds with display and storage of process data in the background can be implemented. This software can also be used on all target systems on which WindowsXP/7/8 is installed as the operating system.

Product literature

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French, German, English

PME assistant, firmware loader and USB driver (for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7/8/10) for comfortable setup and visualisation. For smooth operation of modules with CAN interfaces, use the PEAK USB-to-CAN dongle. All required drivers are included and will be installed during startup.

This download includes:

  • PME-Assistant (V3.4.R208)
  • PME-Firmware Loader (V1.1.7)
  • IPM data conversion (V1.1)

... and the demo versions of:

  • EASYteach (V1.0.5.10)
  • MP85A-Toolkit (V1.0.R5.14)
  • EASYmonitor CE (V1.1.1.1)
  • INDUSTRYmonitor (V1.2.1.18)

You can start those demo versions up to 25 times for free. To buy the full licence please visit the HBM shop or ask your local HBM representative.

Date: 03/2017
Version: 1.51
Size: 164 MB
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