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Measurement Technology Meets the Industrial Internet of Things

Enhanced flexibility, higher speed and increased efficiency in the production process are the objectives pursued by forward-thinking companies. The vision of networking man and machine with other objects is the central pillar in this context and is quickly becoming a reality. 'Industrial Internet of Things' is the name the vision is known by.

Only through the use of cutting-edge measurement technology in IIoT can this vision of a networked production of the future become reality. Since the more complex and dynamic the processes in the manufacturing companies throughout the world, the more important becomes the availability of real-time data on critical parameters.

“Measurement Technology in IIoT”: What Does That Actually Mean?

  • Sensors that allow for easy and fast integration with complex production systems - for example through availability of “electronic data sheets”
  • Measuring amplifiers that can communicate in real time with sensors and today’s Industrial Internet systems
  • Software that bridges the gap between easiest possible handling and increasingly complex functionality

This page provides articles covering the topic of “networked production” and the use of suitable equipment.

Take an innovative step into the smart factory with open automation and HBK. Modern functionalities simply implemented with maximum flexibility.

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“We Learn About the IIoT and What it Means for Measurement Technology”

“HBM, as a partner in the industry, is proud to be able to contribute to the success of the IIoT. In joint projects with universities we learn what IIoT means in practice for measurement technology. Our innovative products for use in manufacturing are proof that we have many ideas for making the IIoT a reality.”

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