Strain gauges for fiber composites with short delivery time

HBM Test and Measurement (HBM), a leading worldwide manufacturer of strain gauges (SGs), is expanding its already extensive SG product portfolio with a new series for fiber composites.

New materials such as fiber composites make it possible to achieve a more stable structure while simultaneously reducing weight in comparison to using steel. Just where these new materials are designed to reach their performance limits, normal SGs fail, thus presenting new challenges for measurement technology. To provide a suitable solution, HBM is responding with SGs of the recently developed M series.

The new SGs achieve more load cycles at a much higher strain level than conventional SGs. For example, fatigue life analyses for the M series reached 10 million load changes at a strain level of 2000 µm/m. The service life (as described by the S-N curve) was improved by using a special nickel and chrome alloy for the measuring grid and glass-fiber reinforced phenolic resin for the carrier foil.

The M series is available with different geometries, measuring grid lengths and temperature response matching. The most popular models are available from stock immediately.

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