HBM Strain Gauges: First Choice for Strain Measurements

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Strain Gauge Measurement Chain at a Glance

Strain gauge catalog

Download the strain gauge catalog and find out about our extensive choice of strain gauges.

HBM's reference book

Download our free reference book: An Introduction to Stress Analysis using Strain Gauges.

Find the equivalent strain gauge

Enter strain gauge part numbers from other manufacturers and immediately find the HBM equivalent.

Purchase strain gauges online

Visit the HBMshop and discover our large range of strain gauges and strain gauge accessories.

HBM Strain Gauges: Ideal for Your Application

HBM strain gauges are the first choice for structural & durability tests as well as the production of OEM transducers. Our wide portfolio consists of more than 2,000 different strain gauge types and accessories, and our service makes HBM the perfect partner for your project. Profit from short delivery times, small package sizes for standard gauges, a wide variety of geometries and from the knowledge of over 65 years experience.


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