The catman Enterprise software suite was specifically developed for high channel-count measurement using the MGCplus DAQ system. A dedicated measurement-data server (MDS) performs the actual measurement. You can connect a number of client PCs to simultaneously access data on the MDS server. This enables you to monitor and evaluate your high channel-count measurement processes in real time.

The package comprises software modules for setup, measured-value data acquisition and client functionality. catman Professional is also available for post-process handling. The software supports up to 20,000 channels; each channel can comprise either an MGCplus channel, a calculation or a trigger condition. The measuring channels can be accessed from all menus using unique channel names. Channels can also be divided into logical groups and subgroups. This means that even if you use a large number of channels, you can very easily locate individual channels.

The latest version extends the use of catman Enterprise 5.0 from aerospace ap-plications to include experimental stress analysis of other large mechanical structures such as ships and vehicles. The software has been designed for ease of use and allows users to set up measurements rapidly. The testing of any strain gage measuring points can be automated ensuring amplifiers are set up for maximum efficiency.

catman Enterprise - Optical strain gages catman Enterprise - Enhanced import from custom sensor database catman Enterprise - VBA IDE Editor

Data is recorded using a multichannel data server during measurement while the system's client-server architecture enables several clients to be simultaneously accessed online including real-time data visualization.

Extensive trigger functions are available that can be set in advance and include functions such as starting a fast measurement or sending emails at particular points during the measurement. Special online computations for experimental structural analysis are included in the software.

The open architecture – accessed through an integrated script language and an ActiveX interface – enables users to integrate additional customized functions.

The system has already proved its value at British Aerospace, EADS, Cessna and Embraer.

Key Features

  • Data acquisition via multi-channel data server
  • Setup software complete with database for automatically setting up and logically grouping several thousand measurement channels
  • Server has comprehensive trigger functions (for example reference curve or limit trigger)
  • Complete measurement run reported in a log file
  • Automatic wiring check of the strain gage measuring points
  • Multiple clients have online access to the data on the server
  • Fully configurable real-time visualization on server and client PCs, even during data acquisition
  • Configurable reactions to trigger events (e.g. display message, trigger fast measurement, send e-mails)
  • Special online computations for experimental stress analysis (thermal compensation, rosette calculation)
  • Customizing with VB Script
  • Easy configuration of up to 20,000 channels
  • Multiple clients have online access to the data on the server
  • Automatic wiring check of all strain gage measuring points
  • Database-driven management of transducer and amplifier configuration data
  • Linkage to catman and ActiveX software

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