Data Acquisition Systems and Measuring Amplifiers

Every data acquisition task has its own special challenges.

Whatever your application, mobile or stationary, on a test cell or under extreme environmental conditions, HBM has the right measurement data acquisition system for your needs.

Benefit from the unique "made by HBM" precision and reliability while enjoying the best possible price-to-performance ratio.

QuantumX : QuantumX 데이터 수집 시스템
The perfect tool for all of your test and measurement needs.
PMX 산업용 데이터수집장치
데이터 수집 및 제어 시스템 - 새로운 산업 표준 계측 장비
MGCplus - 다채널 초고속 DAQ
The MGCplus is the ultimate, scalable and configurable data acquisition system for laboratory and test stand use. It acquires data on many parameters.
응력 분석과 구조적인 테스팅을 위한 분산 앰프 시스템 - CANHEAD®와 함께, 측정 포인트에서 직접 데이터를 얻으세요.
eDrive Testing: 차세대를 위한 eDrive Testing
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