newLight FS76 | Preassembled Optical Strain & Temperature newLight FS76 | Preassembled Optical Strain & Temperature | HBM

newLight FS76 Preassembled Strain & Temperature Sensor

Reduce installation time and hassle with optical strain and temperature sensors that are already connected to each other through a permanent spliced connection. 

Within each cable protection level choose the type and number of sensors, wavelengths, length of cables and connectors.


  • Effective temperature compensation by combining pairs of strain and temperature sensors that are ready to install

Measurement stability for long-term measurements


  • User-defined distances, wavelengths and connectors
  • Strain and temperature measurements on the same line

Custom built for specific requirements


  • Single, ready-to-install optical fiber
  • Permanent and stable long-distance connections between sensors

Reduced installation effort and cost

Select Your Sensor


  • For laboratory, high strain or extended temperatures applications
  • Select glueable or weldable strain and temperature sensors ready for installation



  • For indoor or outdoor applications
  • Featuring a dielectric cable, the aramid cabled strain and temperature sensors can be combined within FS76ARD



  • Combine the different newLight strain and temperature sensors with armored cables
  • Ideal for monitoring applications with on-site installation


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Optical Fiber Sensors vs. Conventional Electrical Strain Gauges for Infrastructure Monitoring Applications

  • FBG principles
  • Bragg wavelengths
  • Monitoring applications

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