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Piezoelectric or strain-gauge technology - what is the right choice for force measurement?

How Does a Piezoelectric Force Transducer Work
This article from HBM explains how piezoelectric sensors work. Learn more about the design, method of operation and applications of these sensors.

Piezoelectric sensors: Which one for my application?
HBM selection guide for piezo sensors: How to make the right decision.

Force Washers for Production, Testing and Monitoring
Find out about strain gauge-based and piezoelctric force washers, and which measurement tasks and conditions require which technology.

Video: Force Measurement Methods
Our new video on force measurement methods gives a 2-minute overview of the methods that best fit your application.

Galvanic Separation in Piezoelectric Measuring Chains
Read our new technical article to learn how galvanic separation facilitates installation of piezoelectric test and measurement equipment in the field.

Measuring Small Forces with High Initial Load
In this article we present the advantages of piezoelectric sensors and sensors based on strain gauges measuring small forces with high initial load.

Force Transducers Based on Strain Gauges
Force transducers based on strain gauges have a so-called spring element or loaded member where the forces to be measured are applied.

Piezoelectric Force Transducer: 5 Rules for Installation an
Do you want to use piezoelectric force transducers? If so, you should make sure that you observe our 5 rules for installation and putting into operation to

The Piezo Effect and its Applications
The white paper describes the piezo technology in a nutshell.

Piezoelectric or Strain Gauge Based Force Transducers?
Piezoelectric sensors or strain gauge (sg) based force transducers - when is which principle appropriate in force measurement?

How to measure force in the force shunt - i.e. completely without using a force transducer?

Measuring Forces in the Force Shunt
Sometimes it is of advantage to measure force in the force shunt. This article presents three methods used for measurement in the force shunt.

Calibrating the Measuring Chain
After mounting, the force washers should be calibrated to allow reliable sensitivity determination of the measuring chain.

How to configure test and measurement equipment to ensure correct force measurement?

Connection Cables for Strain Gauge Sensors
How to choose the right connection cable for your sensor? Learn the difference between cables and leads, and what to consider when making a selection

Adjustment of Electronics for Force Measurements
Read the technical article to find out how to correctly adjust your electronics to match your force sensor and ensure your measurement is reliable.

PMX Adjustment Assistant - Sensor Adjusment Made Easy
Sensor adjustment made easy: The new PMX Adjustment Assistant guides you through the process.

Connecting a Force Sensor to a Data Acquisition System
How to connect force sensors to amplifiers and DAQ systems? Our video tutorial guides you step by step through the setup of a force sensor.

Electrical Connection of Force Transducers
In this article from HBM you learn what you should keep in mind for the successful electrical connection of force transducers.

Installation of Force Transducers
Often a force transducer cannot be calibrated in the application. Achieving reliable measurement results depends on the installation situation.

What needs to be considered regarding the topic of measurement uncertainty?

The Load Cell Calibration Standard ISO 376
Force sensor calibration DIN EN ISO 376 are more complex than other calibrations, but also more accurate. Learn about what happens and what the values are.

Online Seminar: Measurement Uncertainty
Obtain a basic understanding of how correlations affect the uncertainty of measurement and how to create suitable mathematical models.

High Accuracy is High Efficiency
Highly accurate transducers enable completely new applications in force measurement technology: technological masterpieces, solid economic advantages.

The Key to New Applications: Precision
High-precision transducers can be flexibly used for different measurement tasks and enable force measurement chains with high mechanical reserves.

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