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Y Series Universal Strain Gauges: Over 2,000 Different Types Available

Y series foil strain gauges (SG) can be used in many areas, for static or dynamic stress analysis. They measure highly precisely, are robust, extremely flexible and can be installed on different materials due to seven different types of temperature response matching. Y series universal SG are available in many versions for a wide range of applications - thanks to properties such as geometry, nominal (rated) resistance and measuring grid length that can be combined as required. Over 260 frequently used types (“preferential strain gauge”) are immediately available immediately from stock.

Find The Right Y Series Strain Gauge For Your Application:

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Flexible and robust

  • High linearity and low hysteresis
  • Robust polyimide carrier
  • Maximum elongation of up to 50,000 µm/m
  • Extremely flexible: minimum radius of curvature of 0.3 mm
  • Measuring grids protected with polyimide covering agent

Excellent measurement properties, easy handling and flexible use - even around edges.


  • More than 2,000 versions available
  • 4 different nominal resistances for many geometries available
  • 7 temperature response matchings for different materials available
  • Different connection configurations (solder tabs, leads, solder tabs with strain relief, pre-wired)

Many variants for different applications and measuring amplifiers available.

Available for immediate delivery

  • More than 200 preferential strain gauges available for immediate delivery ex stock
  • Pre-wired strain gauges eliminate the need for soldering
  • Extensive range of accessories for covering, cleaning, installation, etc. available
  • Various connection cables and control leads with up to 100 m length
  • Interactive selection guide in the online shop so that the correct strain gauge can be found quickly and easily

Fast availability of strain gauges and accessories. 

Simplified Documentation and Parameterization

To optimize the measuring point documentation each strain gauge includes two stickers which can be placed next to the measuring point and near the measuring amplifier. Benefit from the parameter information directly in the measurement setup:

  • QR code that directly links to the data sheet of the respective strain gauge
  • The product and production batch numbers
  • The k-factor and a additional space for your notes
  • QR code containing the values of the individual strain gauge to simplify computer-aided parameterization or documentation with a scanner

Please note: newly produced strain gauges all come with the sticker in stock, strain gauges still in stock do not have this feature yet.

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