SomatXR Data Acquisition System: Ultra-Rugged and Extremely Flexible

The rugged SomatXR data acquisition system facilitates use in harsh environments. Besides being extremely reliable, precise, and protected from humidity, dust, shock, and vibration. The modular system is well-suited to be used in a variety of applications such as vehicle testing, stationary measurements, and structural health monitoring. The modules can be operated in a wide temperature range and can be flexibly combined via the Ethernet interface to match a wide range of applications.

Extremely rugged

  • Temperature range: -40 to +80 °C (dew-point proof)
  • IP65/IP67 degree of protection (dust and water)
  • Vibration-proof up to minimum 10 g
  • Shock-proof up to 75 g
  • High signal quality due to carrier-frequency technology
  • Reduced signal interference due to the amplifier positioning close to the measuring points

Easy to use

  • No additional software needs to be installed
  • Easy parameterization and visualization of measured data
  • Ethernet interface for decentralized networks
  • catman PostProcess software allows for efficient data analysis


  • A modular system, including data recorder, universal and bridge amplifier, etc.
  • Scalable to up to 10,000 channels
  • Many different transducers and interfaces can be integrated using a universal input
  • Can be combined with QuantumX

Recording Options

Data Recorder and Software

CX22B-R data recorder enables fast data acquisition using catman measurement software. Learn more

Using a local PC as Data Recorder

The SomatXR measurement modules can also be used stand-alone without a data recorder with the DAQ software catman Easy/AP.



Data Recorder with Web Interface

EXRCPU data recorders allow for remote access to the embedded software via the browser.




SomatXR Supports a Wide Range of Topologies

The modular architecture of the SomatXR system allows you to implement your own measurement system – with a data recorder and web interface, a data recorder and catman or even a connected PC and catman. In addition, SomatXR modules can be integrated in the universal QuantumX amplifier system for test stand applications.

Typical Applications

Vehicle Testing

  • Mobile acquisition of load on mechanical components on bad road surfaces or track (Road Load Data Acquisition = RLDA)
  • Testing of vehicle dynamics (ride and handling), functional and brake testing
  • Overall vehicle or track monitoring (e.g. railroad tracks)

Railroad Testing

  • Distributed measurements on passenger and freight trains with multiple railroad cars
  • Mobile data acquisition in rail transport such as test and acceptance runs
  • Monitoring of complete trains or track sections

Lab/Bench Testing

  • Test benches for the drivetrain/powertrain
  • Pressure, temperature, and torque measurement
  • Improving efficiency and protecting energy resources

SomatXR MX590B-R - Measuring amplifier with integrated pressure sensors

  • Up to five sensors per module to enable various pressure measurements (of gases and liquids) to be taken in parallel.
  • For pressure measurements in engine or transmission test rigs
  • Individually configurable: The pressure range per channel can be selected among nine ranges.

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SomatXR MX840B-R for all sensor types and measurands: Rugged universal DAQ module

  • Ideal with frequently changing measurement tasks
  • Identifies all measured quantities and sensor types
  • Highly future proof
  • 8 universal channels with automatic sensor identification

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SomatXR MX1615B-R: Rugged specialized DAQ module for measurements with strain gauges and SG-based sensors

  • Ideal for experimental stress analysis, structural and load testing
  • For use with strain gauges and SG-based sensors (half and full bridge)
  • 16 channels with automatic sensor identification

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SomatXR MX1601B-R: Rugged DAQ module for measurements with active sensors

  • Supports all electrical and active sensors
  • For sensors with current and voltage output incl. IEPE (e.g. acceleration sensors)
  • 16 channels with automatic sensor identification

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SomatXR MX1609KB-R/TB-R: Rugged DAQ modules for temperature measurement (with type K or type T thermocouples)

  • The specialists for temperature measurement
  • Individual devices for type K and type T thermocouples
  • 16 channels with automatic sensor identification (RFID)

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SomatXR MX411B-R: Rugged DAQ module for highly dynamic measurements

  • Amplifier for highly dynamic measurements
  • Supports virtually all common sensor technologies
  • 4 channels with automatic sensor identification

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SomatXR MX460B-R: Rugged impulse and frequency measurement module

  • Precise rotational speed and torque measurement in mobile vehicle tests
  • Sample rates of up to 100 kS/channel
  • Signal bandwidth of up to 40 kHz

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SomatXR MX471B-R CAN / MX471C-R CAN-FD module

  • 4 CAN interfaces for synchronously acquiring vehicle data
  • Inputs for classic CAN (including support of CCP or xCP-on-CAN) or for CAN-FD
  • Measured signal transfer on CAN (generating a DBC file)

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All modules can be individually combined with each other.

SomatXR CX22B-R Data Recorder for Interactive Vehicle Testing

  • The ultra-ruggedized data recorder enables fast measurement results in the field, reliable data recording and convenient analysis.
  • Measured data is acquired with pre-installed catman measurement software and stored in .bin format.
  • Module connection through FireWire or Ethernet
  • Can be used as data recorder and a gateway
  • Integrated uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for fail-safe operation in the vehicle

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SomatXR CX23-R Data Recorder for Unattended Data Logging

  • The ultra-rugged data recorder for reliable, unattended data logging
  • Web interface allows for full real-time access to measured data from anywhere
  • Integrated CAN interfaces enable acquisition of vehicle data
  • Can be individually combined with various measurement modules of the SomatXR family

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Using a local PC or Laptop as Data Recorder

  • The measurement modules can be used stand-alone without a data recorder
  • Simply connection by Ethernet from the PC/laptop to one or multiple measurement modules
  • Direct operation using catman measurement software

SomatXR EX23-R: Rugged 10-Channel Ethernet Switch With PTPv2

This Ethernet switch enables SomatXR and QuantumX modules to be connected to and synchronized with a PC or data recorder.

  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports (M12 x coded)
  • 5 of these ports with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
  • Precision Time Protocol version 2 (PTPv2)

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SomatXR UPX002: Rugged Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

In mobile data acquisition, measurement modules are often supplied by the vehicle battery. The UPS can be used to prevent abnormal termination of a measurement, as the result of a voltage drop or power outage.

  • Protects from voltage drops, short-term power outages, and overvoltage
  • Provides buffer for up to 80 seconds
  • Enables fast re-charging in approximately 50 seconds


GPS Receiver for SomatXR Data Recorders

HBM provides various GPS receivers for geolocation and other GPS data:

  • GPS-USB-18HZ: GPS receiver with a USB connection for the CX22B-R with 18 Hz update rate
  • EGPS-5HZ: GPS receiver with a serial connection for the CX23-R with 5 Hz update rate
  • EGPS-200-B / EGPS-200-P: GPS receiver with a serial connection for the CX23-R with 200 Hz update rate and optional Plus package with an IMU (inertial measurement unit) and RKT (real-time kinematics).


SomatXR SCM-R-SG120/350/1000: Quarter Bridge Adapter

Besides the direct inputs for electrical strain gauges in a full-bridge or a half-bridge circuit, HBM also provides an adapter for the SomatXR universal amplifiers that allows for the measurement of single strain gauges via an external quarter bridge arm in 3-wire configuration.

  • Completion of strain gauges to a full bridge
  • 120, 350 and 1000 ohms
  • Easy installation and parameterization

SomatXR SCM-R-TCE/K: Thermocouple Adapter

HBM provides an adapter with a cold junction for the SomatXR MX840B-R that allows for the measurement of type K or type E thermocouples.

  • Type K or type E versions are available
  • Locking mechanism prevents accidental separation
  • Easy installation and parameterization

Angular FireWire (1-KAB272-W-0.2) and Power Supply (1-KAB294-W-5) Cables

HBM provides two new cable variants with angled connectors for FireWire (1-KAB272-W-0.2) and power supply (1-KAB294-W-5) for SomatXR. With this step a centralized DAQ system on a smaller footprint can be set up. 

  • FireWire connection cable between two modules with a 90° angled plug (ODU, 0.2 m cable, ODU)
  • Voltage can be supplied to the modules via the cable (max. 1.5 A, from source to last sink)
  • Power supply cable (ODU 90° angled plug, 5 m cable, open ends) for power supply of ultra-rugged modules
  • Space-saving installation especially when using SomatXR modules in a central topology


Further Accessories

  • Mechanical connecting elements (CASELINK) and mounting brackets (CASEMOUNT)
  • Power supply, such as power supply units (NTX002 and NTX003) as well as cables and connectors
  • BNC adapter (KAB430)
  • Sensor and system connection (cables and connectors)
  • Protective caps for unused ports


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