DSE-HIE: Future-Proof, EHEDG-Compliant Sensor Electronics

The innovative Digital Sensor Electronics (DSE) is ideal for use in highly dynamic and automated weighing and industrial automation applications. The signals provided from analog strain gauge-based sensors such as load cells and force transducers are digitized and can be output in line with all common industrial Ethernet protocols (PROFINET RT/IRT and EtherCAT) via the integrated multi-protocol unit. The Ethernet interface and simple installation close to the sensor allow for time-efficient integration. The standardized CiA 461 command set further reduces the time required to get the system up and running. An intuitive web interface facilitates both the parameterization and the acquisition of measured values, making any additional software unnecessary.

The DSE is housed in a compact stainless-steel enclosure. Its hygienic EHEDG-compliant design allows its use in applications requiring the most stringent hygiene and cleanliness standards, such as in the food and beverages, pharmaceutical-, in industrial process- and factory  automation. Owing to its IP67/68/69K degree of protection, the device is optimally protected and can be cleaned with high-pressure cleaners or employing CIP (clean-in-place) systems.

Digitizing analog load cells

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  • IP67, IP68, IP69K degree of protection (only with a connected plug)
  • EHEDG compliant
  • Certified by ECOLAB

For use in areas with rigorous hygiene requirements and in harsh industrial environments, especially in cold-aseptic applications


  • Support of PROFINET, EtherCAT in Preparation
  • Parameterization and acquisition of measured values via integrated, intuitive web server using TCP/IP
  • Optimized for daisy-chain wiring due to internal switch

Time saving Plug & Work solution for modern industry environments


  • 10,000e for maximum accuracy, 0.01%
  • 2,000 measured values per second
  • Integrated filters for precise weighing and automation applications

Maximum output for retrofitting and new systems 

Think Hygiene and robust, Think HBM – The Ideal Measurement Chain for Your Application

The DSE weighing electronics means PROFINET for every strain gauge-based sensor. It also enables HBM to comply with rigorous hygiene requirements: Besides matching electronics, the portfolio also offers easy-to-clean and EHEDG-compliant load cells. The modular system comprises matching accessories that facilitate straightforward solutions while ensuring maximum cleanliness.

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DSE CAD step files

Product literature

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Data Sheets
Operating Manuals
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Declaration of Conformity

Archive including all current files for firmware and DSE WebServer.

To update firmware and WebServer the existing WebServer in the DSE-HIE can be used (no additional software or hardware needed).

Date: 03/2021  |  Version: 1.1.1  |  Size: 1 MB
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The HBM Automation API (Application Programming Interface) is an opensource interface that allows to access the functionality of various devices via Ethernet, WTX110, WTX120 and DSE-HIE. This enables to quickly create own application programs optimally adapted to your applications.

It includes the links to download the API from GIT-HUB github.com/HBM/Automation-API , a detailed manual with How-To´s and Ready-made examples to get started in only minutes with MS-Visual-Studio, also an EXE-Example to connect and operate DSE and WTX devices without software-environment.

Legal notice: The code and example does not imply any warranty or guarantee.

Date: 02/2021  |  Version: 1.0  |  Size: 453 KB


Macro-project containing CAE data for ePLAN Electric P8.

Date: 01/2021  |  Version: 1.0  |  Size: 22 MB


This example considers a simple example for a ROFINET-integration with DSE to a Siemens S7 PLC with TIA-portal.

Legal notice: This example does not imply any warranty or guarantee.


Date: 06/2020  |  Version: 1.0  |  Size: 1 MB


Software tool for initial setting of the IP address for the DSE, as it has no default IP address in the delivery state.

Date: 06/2020  |  Version: 1.0  |  Size: 6 MB

Tech Notes

This is a collection of technical application reports for requirements around DSE.

They show a step-by-step solution up to the running project.

Available languages: English

  • DSE_EtherCAT-integration into Beckhoff-plc via TwinCAT
  • DSE_Profinet-integration into Siemens-plc via TiA-Portal

Legal notice: The examples given are intended to illustrate the solution and integration into DSE.

The examples do not imply any warranty or guarantee.


 |  Size: 2 MB

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