One DAQ system for all your test and measurement tasks

The QuantumX data acquisition system (DAQ) is the perfect tool for all of your test and measurement needs. For reliable data acquisition of signals from different measurement quantities and sensor technologies, the QuantumX is the preferred choice. It has the unique capability to acquire signals from any analog sensor.

The modules enable a wide range of different measurement quantities acquired reliably and simultaneously using a single device. In addition, other modules are available specifically for the most varied of measurement quantities.


Universal DAQ Amplifiers

Do you have to cope with frequently varying measurement tasks? The QuantumX universal amplfiers are the right choice for you. Universal connectors make these DAQ modules ideally suited for all common sensor technologies. No matter what principles of measurement you want to use and how you combine them.

DAQ Modules for Special Measurement Tasks

The right module for virtually every testing need: Select your QuantumX DAQ device for measuring signals from different sensors and transducer technologies. If you have frequently changing measurement tasks, we recommend using an universal DAQ module from QuantumX.

Data Recorder

The CX22B-W QuantumX data recorder collects, evaluates, and saves captured measurement data directly in the instrument - without any PC connection. It reveals its strengths both in stationary and in mobile data acquisition.

Gateways and Transmitters

You want to connect your QuantumX measurement system to a CAN network? Or you need a transmitter, which converts your measured values into analog signals? QuantumX offers the right solution to this: Choose the suitable gateway or transmitter for your measuring task.


Find the right accessory suitable to your measurement or testing task. Choose between signal conditioning module, adapter for single strain gauges and other additional accessories.

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