HBM Strain Gauges: First Choice for Measuring Strain HBM Strain Gauges: First Choice for Strain Measurements

HBM Strain Gauges: The First Choice for Your Strain Measurement

Strain gauges (often also referred to as strain gages) are the key asset for measuring fatigue and testing materials for better and safer products. Whether it is in structural durability testing, structural health monitoring, or for the production of OEM transducersHBM's optical and electrical strain gauges are the first choice.

As one of the leading strain gauge manufacturers, our wide range of strain gauges comprises of an extensive assortment for widely differing strain measurement applications - over 6,000 types of strain gauges are available. Due to the combination of excellent services with a comprehensive range of accessories and over 65 years of experience, HBM is the perfect partner for your strain measurement project.


You are not sure which strain gauge technology best fits your requirements? Compare the two strain gauge technologies from HBM.

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