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Electric Power Testing & Power Analyzer Knowledge Base

HBM is a world leader in electrical machine testing for the widest range of markets. Our eDrive solution provides the highest level of accuracy for powertrain testing. In this knowledge hub, we have curated the most interesting and educational videos, webinars, and articles on electric power testing.

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Electric Power Testing Test Center

Power Analyzer Solution - Request a Live Demo Session

In our live demos, we will guide you through the requirements of electric power testing and power analysis. We will guide you through the hardware and software included in our eDrive power analyzer solution and answer all your questions. See you online!

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15-Minute Lunch & Learn: Electric Power Testing

  Live and on-demand sessions    

Grab a cup of coffee, turn on the volume, and join our experts during one of our 15 minute online lunch & learn meetings! Sign up for free to three interesting topics on electric power testing.

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eDrive Power Analyzers | Power and Efficiency Measurement

Carrying out professional testing of electric drives is now a much simpler process for engineers with the launch of a brand-new family of real-time Power Analyzers

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Videos and Tutorials

Electric Power Testing / Power Analyzer Videos

Analyze electrical machine data in minutes by watching how-to videos and tutorials with HBM's eDrive power analyzer solutions.

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White Papers and Articles

Electric Power Testing Articles

Blog posts, white papers, tech notes and more: learn all about electric power testing! 

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Live Webinars and Training

Electric Power Testing Webinars & Live Events

Join our experts for short 15-30 minute presentations on electric power topics: from powertrain testing, to torque ripple and measurement uncertainty. The webinars are filled with tips and tricks and allow for an interactive feedback session.

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Customer Application Stories

Electric Power Testing Test Center

Electric Power Testing: Customer Voices & Case Studies

Simplify the testing of motors and inverters by combining multiple test systems into one single device. Let our customers tell their success story.

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Electric Power Solutions and Products

Electrical Machine Testing | Powertrain Testing |

HBM eDrive Testing is the modern measuring system for testing inverters and electrical machines. Users in electrification testing benefit from significant advantages over the use of a conventional power analyzer.

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Electric Power Testing Test Center

Electric Power Testing

HBM provides the entire measurement chain for electrical power testing - from electrical machine testing to high voltage and complex inverter control testing. Our solution covers sensors, hardware, and software for testing electrical inverters and electrical machines. Mechanical signals (e.g. torque) and electrical signals (current and voltage) are acquired simultaneously, helping you to better understand the electric drive and its losses within minutes. This is important for the optimization of the drive as well as the increase in efficiency.

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eDrive Product Overview

The HBM eDrive series of products are tailored for power measurement at inverters and inverter driven machines. Thus, they utilize high sample rates and both electrical as well as mechanical power calculation capabilities.

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