Overview of Genesis Highspeed and Perception interfacing possibilities

Genesis HighSpeed hardware integration into your software  

  • If you want to integrate the Genesis HighSpeed hardware into your own software like LabVIEW or any other automation software, you can use the GEN DAQ API, available for Windows and Linux.

Real time data transfer 

  • If you want to stream real time computeted results from Genesis HighSpeed hardware into your control or daq system, you can use the EtherCAT interface.

Data analysis with your own software

  • If you want to anlyse acquired raw data with your own software like MatLab, FlexPro, Diadem or many others, you can use the PRNF reader toolkit to access the data directly.

Perception software integration in your own software

  • If you want to integrate and to control Perception software (and Genesis HighSpeed hardware through it) with your own software, use the RPC  interface. This is usable for Windows and Linux. Part of this is also a Windows COM interface.

Customization of Perception software

  • If you want to extend the Perception software with your own menus, user interface, functions, features or processes, you can do this using the CSI interface.

The different possibilities in some more details:

You can control Genesis HighSpeed hardware “out of the box” using Perception software or from your own application software.
After setup, Genesis High-Speed can even run stand alone, acquiring data and storing it on embedded SSD just on triggers - without any PC involved.

Would you like to unpack your new instrument and start using it right away? With an user interface that can be adapted to your
requirements? Perception offers instrument setup, acquisition, review, analysis and documentation in a single, integrated package - without any programming.

Would you want to expand Perception by designing a special user interface or adding your own calculation to the formula database?
The Custom Software Interface (CSI) feature enables you to do this.

You can use Genesis HighSpeed hardware as an acquisition system and “number cruncher” with your own software. The GEN DAQ API enables access to the hardware, setting it up and controlling the acquisition both from LINUX and WINDOWS platforms. Results are streamed over EtherCAT® to your application software and raw data is stored on local SSD.

Would you like to have access to the acquired data in your usual software environment, but none of our 25 export formats
do the job? You can avoid exporting and read the acquired data directly in your program. Use the PNRF reader API and get direct access to the data. Most popular analysis packages like LabView and MATLAB do this already.


Would you like to control Perception (and all attached
hardware) remotely or to retrieve data? Then you can
use cross-platform Remote Procedure Calls (RPC).
Is your software installed on the Perception PC? Then you can use the COM interface (Component Object Model) for easy integration under Windows.

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