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Measuring Amplifiers and Electronics for Highest-precision Tasks

The key factor to ensure minimal measurement uncertainty is the choice of measurement principle. For force, torque, pressure and other quantities, transducers based on strain gauge technology have set the standard for decades. To convert absolute truth (accuracy) and repeatability (precision) into data, HBK precision instruments and calibration equipment are the appropriate partners of these transducers.

With more than 100 National Metrology Institutes all over the world relying on HBK instruments and calibration units as a reference, they are the gold standard when it comes to entering the world of ppm (parts per million). Apart from metrology, also industry, research institutes and universities rely on the highest accuracy and precision of HBK precision instruments for sensor production, calibration and comparison measurements. Chase the limits of physics with HBK!

High Precision Amplifiers

HBK's high precision amplifiers enable accurate and precise data acquisition. Whether you are looking for a stand-alone precision measurement amplifier or an integration in the QuantumX or MGCplus product family, HBK offers the right tool for your measurement.

Calibration Units

Seamless traceability and regular validation of instruments with calibration units is essential to trust your data. HBK provides a broad range of bridge calibration units for the calibration of your instruments.

Going The Extra Mile in Precision and Accuracy

Reference Measurement Chain from A Single Provider

To fully benefit from HBK precision amplifiers, completing the measurement chain with equally accurate and precise reference transducers for force, torque and pressure is crucial.

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HBK Calibration Laboratory

Let HBK calibrate your sensors, data acquisition systems or complete measurement chains to ensure the long-term quality of your measurement results.

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Benefit from Excellent Service and Support

  • Get your knowledge up to date with our global HBK Academy.
  • HBK takes an active part in many international metrological research projects (EMRP, EMPIR) and regularly shares new findings with the scientific community at the IMEKO World Conference.