catman DAQ Software: Visualize - Save - Automate - Analyze

Are you faced with a challenging measurement task and need software that offers more than just data acquisition? catman data acquisition software (DAQ) allows for data visualization, analysis and storage during the measurement and reporting after.

Configure catman to fully meet your requirements and benefit from using the software’s extensive range of functions. Whether it is in mobile road tests, testing of components in test benches, monitoring tasks or research: catman DAQ software is up to any challenge.

Data Analysis Made Easy

  • Individually visualize and control on multiple pages, screens or in full-screen format
  • Visualize signals in the time, frequency or angular range
  • Integrate up to four video signals
  • Visualize GPS data on maps
  • Save data with up to 12 MS/s or 100 MB/s
  • Record two parallel measurement tasks and statistics log
  • Use signal analysis to define smart triggers
  • Multiple formats for storage and export available (catman BIN, Excel, ASCII, MDF 3/4, DIAdem, MATLAB, RPC III, UFF58, etc.)
  • Trigger automated actions by defined events such as email alert or smart phone push message
  • Use auto sequences to automate work flows and test sequences
  • Use VBA script to automate analyses and advanced functions
  • Compare data sets, compute and analyze signals
  • Use plugins for rotating mechanical shafts, combustion engines, electric drives and mechanical stress and fatigue life analyses
  • Perform powerful data analysis

catman makes your measurement projects a success

Easy and intuitive data analysis: With its intuitive interface and adaptability, catman data acquisition software will help you streamline your measurement projects. It has never been so easy!


Videos and Tech Notes

Would you like to watch more useful videos? Check out all tutorial videos and tech notes to learn more about catman.

catman Knowledge Base

Never miss an event again with HBM Push

Get the new App HBM Push on your mobile device and never miss an important event again. For long-term monitoring of any kind, especially the monitoring of bridges, railways or test benches etc., you can define events of your interest in catman. Whenever one of these events occurs, you'll get a HBM Push message.


A Valuable Tool for Any Application

Mobile DAQ

  • Acquire vehicle bus and analog measured data in parallel and synchronously
  • Integrate GPS, wheel force sensor and video data
  • Assign events by date and place to video, data stream and map
  • Perform online data counting using rainflow and time-at-level
  • Acquisition, display and analysis of CAN raw data
  • Support of CCP/XCP communication

Durability Testing

  • Reduce data through cyclic memory module, cycle counter, range pair counting and Rainflow analysis
  • Peak valley detection
  • Strain gauge rosette calculation
  • In particular for large structures (with up to 20,000 channels)

Functional Testing

  • Analysis of combustion engines through visualization of measured data over angle
  • Frequency analysis with 2D color spectrogram
  • Noise analysis
  • Human vibration analysis according to EN ISO 8041
  • Electrical power calculation and analysis


  • Take long-term measurements over several days, weeks and months 
  • Carry out parallel data acquisition jobs using a single data recorder (individual files, triggers)
  • Save data locally and transfer it automatically to FTP servers or the Cloud
  • App HBM Push: Define events in catman to get push notifications on your mobile device 
  • Integrate Vaisala weather transmitter to measure wind speed, humidity, rain fall etc.
  • Data streaming to Microsoft Power BI for visualization of data in the web

Choose the right catman edition for your needs

catman is available in four editions:

  • catman Easy is the original acquisition, visualization and analysis software.
  • catman AP adds powerful modules to full catman Easy functionality.
  • catman PostProcess offers additional post-processing licenses.
  • catman Enterprise is a high-performance solution for applications with high channel counts, such as in structural testing. For catman Enterprise, click here.
 catman Easycatman AP
20% price advantage *
catman PostProcess
RecommendationBest choice for visualizing your measurement dataBest choice for visualizing and analyzing your measurement dataAdditional post-processing license

Live data view and storage

Data aquisition with up to 12 MS/s or 100 MB/s
Live visualization of measurement data
Video integration
Integration of GPS data
GPS data visualization on geographical maps
Measurement and data acquisition jobs
Store in different data format

Live data analysis

General scientific math
Structural durability testing math
Electric power math
Noise analysis
Human Body vibration filters according to EN ISO 8041

Post process data analysis and handling

Graphical data visualization
GPS data visualization on geographical maps
Data cleansing and preparation: curve operation, statistics
Video based data analysis
General scientific math
Structural durability testing math
Noise analysis
Human Body vibration filters according to EN ISO 8041
Export data and report test result

Automating recurrent activity

Auto sequencer

Additional system functionality

Device configuration
I/O parameterization
CAN parameterization via DBC file
Parameterization and data acquisition of optical interrogators
Integration of Kistler RoaDyn sensors
Supported operating systems: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
12-month software maintenance included

* compared to catman Easy with equivalent modules

Documents & Downloads

Title / DescriptionLanguage
Data Sheets
English (US)
Quick Start Guides
French, German, English

Software for data acquisition, visualization, analysis and reporting of measurement data for your PC or QuantumX/SomatXR Data Recorder.

Date: 01/2020  |  Version: 5.3.3  |  Size: 399 MB
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This plugin allows you to open .bin files from HBM catman directly in DIAdem.

Date: 07/2013  |  Version: 1.9.0  |  Size: 74 KB


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