catman Software: Simplifying Measurement

With its intuitive interface and adaptability, catman software will help you streamline your measurement projects, and it’s an ideal complement to QuantumX, MGCplus, PMX, Somat and FiberSensing data acquisition systems and interrogators from HBM.

catman Enterprise is also available for applications in need of high channel counts.



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New features in catman 4.2

Lab and Vehicle Testing

  • Visualization of GPS data in maps
  • Import channel configuration from Excel
  • PostProcess - Video is synchronized with all other objects on panel: GPS map, cursor graph, table, numerical indicator
  • Improved device integration (GPS, interrogators)

Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Extended statistics for long term measurements
  • Enhanced configuration of optical interrogators and optical sensors:

    • Support of smart peak detection for static interrogator
    • Support of optical sensors, e.g. FS63, in catman sensor database
    • Channel parameterization using sensor database

General Functions

  • Professional report creation through visualization export to Word - by just one click into a predefined report template
  • Transparent visualization objects
  • WIN10 support

Roadload Data Acquisition with QuantumX and catman


catman Video tutorials

How to work with strain gauges in catmanAP
The filters of the catman analysis mode
Post process analysis with catman: cycle counter

Choose the right catman edition for your needs

catman is available in four editions:

  • catman Easy is the original acquisition, visualization and analysis software.
  • catman AP adds powerful modules to full catman Easy functionality.
  • catman PostProcess offers additional post-processing licenses.
  • catman Enterprise is a high-performance solution for applications with high channel counts, such as in structural testing. For catman Enterprise, click here.
  catman Easy catman AP
20% price advantage *
catman PostProcess
Recommendation Best choice for visualizing your measurement data Best choice for visualizing and analyzing your measurement data Additional post-processing license

Live data view and storage

Data aquisition with up to 12 MS/s or 100 MB/s
Live visualization of measurement data
Video integration
Integration of GPS data
GPS data visualization on geographical maps
Measurement and data acquisition jobs
Store in different data format

Live data analysis

General scientific math
Structural durability testing math
Powertrain / Drivetrain math
Electric power math
Noise analysis
Human Body vibration filters according to EN ISO 8041

Post process data analysis and handling

Graphical data visualization in time, frequency, domain, position
GPS data visualization on geographical maps
Data cleansing and preparation: curve operation, statistics
Video based data analysis
General scientific math
Structural durability testing math
Powertrain / Drivetrain math
Noise analysis
Human Body vibration filters according to EN ISO 8041
Export data and report test result

Automating recurrent activity

Auto sequencer

Additional system functionality

Device configuration
I/O parameterization
CAN parameterization via DBC file
Parameterization and data acquisition of optical interrogators
Integration of Kistler RoaDyn sensors
Supported operating systems: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10
12-month software maintenance included

* compared to catman Easy with equivalent modules

Documents & Downloads

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English (US)
Quick Start Guides
German, French, English

This plugin allows you to open .bin files from HBM catman directly in DIAdem.

Date: 07/2013
Version: 1.9.0
Size: 74 KB

Software package for data acquisition, visualization, analysis and reporting of your measurement data.

Date: 06/2016
Version: 4.2.2
Size: 278 MB
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