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QuantumX MX430B: Precision and Maximum Interference Suppression

MX430B is the precise and compact module of the QuantumX family. It provides four inputs for accurate measurement of strain gauge full bridge based sensors such as uni- or multiaxial force sensors, torque transducers as well as pressure sensors. HBM provides the entire measurement chain for efficient measurement: precise sensors, the QuantumX MX430B measurement module and suitable software.

Precise force and torque measurement is essential, in particular when the objective is to determine the exact balance in aerodynamic tests of vehicles, aircraft or sports equipment in the wind tunnel. MX430B is also well suited for other test bench applications demanding high precision and reliability such as the determination of the center of gravity of rockets, measurement analysis of fuselage or load analysis in engine test benches. The module is lightweight and compact and thus allows for portable use for servicing in machine and sensor calibration.


  • 4 strain gauge full bridge inputs offer a minimum accuracy of 100 ppm
  • Precision with repetitive and long-term measurements
  • Withstands interferences such as electromagnetic radiation or temperature thanks to carrier frequency analysis
  • Working standard calibration certificate according to ISO 10012 stored in the module
  • DAkkS certificate (ISO 17025) from HBM on request

Particularly well suited for test bench applicationsdemanding high precision and reliability such as aerodynamic analyses in the wind tunnel


  • Precise validation of quantities such as force, torque and pressure
  • For static and dynamic measurements
  • Distributable, therefore requiring minimal wiring effort
  • Flexible parameterization, through use of every channel in either AC or DC mode

Enhanced long-term stability through patented background calibration 

Easy Integration

  • Allows for portable use for servicing in machine and sensor calibration
  • TEDS support enables sensors to be quickly and reliably replaced
  • Real-time integration thanks to directly scalable voltage outputs (+/- 10 V) with optional filter, EtherCAT (CX27B), CAN (MX471B)
  • Reliable catman software support

Efficient and dynamic system analysis with full bandwidth 

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QuantumX MX430B CAD step files
QuantumX MX430B Accessories CAD step files

Technical Documentation

Title / DescriptionLanguage
Data Sheets
QuantumX MX430B - Data Sheet English
QuantumX MX430B - Datenblatt German
QuantumX MX430B - 數據表 Chinese
QuantumX - Brochure English
QuantumX - Brochure (US-Version) English (US)
QuantumX - Broschüre German
QuantumX - Folheto Portuguese
QuantumX - ブローシャー Japanese
QuantumX - 小冊 Chinese
Operating Manuals
HBM Common API - User Manual English
HBM LabVIEW Driver - User Manual English
QuantumX - Bedienungsanleitung German
QuantumX - Operating Manual English
QuantumX - 操作說明 Chinese
QuantumX - 設置マニュアル Japanese
QuantumX CANape Driver - Operating Manual English, German
QuantumX CANbus - Operating Manual English, German
QuantumX / SomatXR - Uninterruptible Power Supply - Data Sheet English
QuantumX / SomatXR - Unterbrechungsfreie Stromversorgung - Datenblatt German
QuantumX BPX001/BPX002/BPX003 Backplane - Information English, German
QuantumX BPX002-SIDE Desktop-Kit – Information English, German
QuantumX case clips (CASECLIP) - Istruzioni di montaggio Italian
QuantumX case clips (CASECLIP) - Mounting Instructions English
QuantumX SCM-SG120/350/700/1000 - Quarter Bridge Adapter English, German
Declaration of Conformity
1-KAB, K-KAB (cable) - EU Declaration of Conformity Multilanguage
QuantumX - EU Declaration of Conformity Multilanguage
QuantumX - Product Type Pattern Approval Russia 2012 Russian
QuantumX - Product-Type Pattern Approval Russia 2017 Russian
Tech Notes
TECH NOTE - Analog to Digital Data Path in QuantumX Modules

This TECH NOTE describes in general the digitalization path in QuantumX data acquisition modules, explaining anti-aliasing filter, analog to digital conversion, digital filtering, scaling, datarate and distribution of data within the data acquisition system or to a data sink whether this is a storage medium or gateway.

TECH NOTE - IEEE1588:2008 Precision Time Protocol in Data Acquisition and Testing

This TECH NOTE explains the highly accurate time sync mechanism Precision Time Protocol or short PTP, its advantages and its use in Test & Measurement applications.

TECH NOTE - IEEE1588:2008 PTPv2-Switches and Grandmaster Clocks

This TECH NOTE shows available and tested PTP components together with HBM equipment and can be used as reference source giving you some recommendations.

TECH NOTE - QuantumX MX430B Precision Bridge Module: real-time functionality

This TECH NOTE describes the real-time functionality of the QuantumX MX430B Precision Bridge Module.

TECH NOTE - QuantumX und Mehr-Komponenten-Aufnehmer

Diese TECH NOTE behandelt die Kompensation von Querabhängigkeiten (Englisch: cross-talk) und damit den Einfluss parasitärer Effekte auf die jeweilige Messgröße. Die Kompensation dieses sogenannten Übersprechens kann in Echtzeit mit der HBM Messtechnik QuantumX oder online in der Software catmanEasy erfolgen.

TECH NOTE: Using WLAN in large scale measurement and telemetry applications

This Tech Note describes why WLAN is one of the most suitable wireless network technologies for large scale measurement and telemetry applications. It will show its potential, advantages and challenges, as well as how it’s already used in real life applications.


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