Leading Measurement Technology for Wind Tunnel Testing

Precise force and torque measurement is essential to wind tunnel testing,- in particular when the objective of aerodynamic wind tunnel tests is to determine whether aircraft, rockets, sub marines, sports equipment (bob sledges, yacht keel winglets) and vehicles (F1, helmet) are accurately balanced. Aerodynamics is an important factor in achieving optimum energy efficiency, comfort, acoustics and design.

HBM offers precise sensors, instruments (DAQ) and software for use in wind tunnel testing. Our solutions enable aerodynamic forces and moments to be accurately captured in real-time and aerodynamic effects to be comprehensively studied based on time-synchronized measured data.

Benefits of the HBM Solution

Highly accurate

  • Best in class with 0.0025 accuracy class
  • Background AutoCal routines
  • Compensation of parasitic effects of 6DOF sensors in real-time (6x6 matrix)
  • Temperature compensation
  • Robust against EMI noise
  • Static or dynamic measurement with maximum bandwidth
  • Best repeatability and long-term reliability

Easy to integrate

  • Powerful catman software
  • Integration into Visual Studio .NET, and LabVIEW™
  • Real-time integration via EtherCAT or analog output
  • Integration into Linux OS via Ethernet
  • TEDS support for automatic channel parameterization
  • Time-synchronized Ethernet PTP


  • Freely scalable number of inputs
  • Support for all commonly-used transducer and sensor types
  • Distributable with short sensor lines
  • Cost effective

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