Automotive Testing

  • Component and function tests, torque measurements
  • Control and monitoring of assembly processes in production lines

HBM Automotive Testing Solutions

Civil Engineering & Construction Testing

  • Fatigue and durability tests on constructions, houses and infrastructure
  • Long-term monitoring solutions, e.g. on bridges

HBM Civil Engineering Testing and Monitoring Solutions

Machine Manufacturing & Operation

  • Monitoring machine production processes
  • In-line force and strain measurements in machines

HBM Solutions for Machine Manufacturers

Marine Industry & Ship Testing

  • Testing and on-board monitoring of ship engines
  • Solutions for ship testing and components in the marine industry

HBM Marine Testing Solutions

Off-Road and Special Vehicle Testing

  • Solutions for field tests on special vehicles (e.g. construction machines, agricultural machinery, etc.)
  • Suited for the most demanding testing environments

Special Vehicle Testing Solutions

Power Grid Component Testing

  • Testing Solutions for High-Voltage Components
  • Switchgear Testing, HV Impulse Testing, Current Zero Testing

HBM Power Grid Component Testing Solutions

Rail Measurements and Railway Testing

  • Continuous monitoring of vehicle status
  • Solutions for component testing on rail vehicles, rails, carriages and for acceptance tests

HBM Railway Testing Solutions

University & Research

  • Solutions for research, development and education
  • World-class products and solutions for cutting-edge research

HBM University and Research Solutions

Wind Turbine Testing

  • Solutions for Wind Turbine Durability Analysis & Component Testing
  • Structural tests on existing wind turbine installations

HBM Wind Turbine Testing Solutions

Weighing, Dosing and Filling Applications:

Agricultural Applications

  • Measurement, weighing and control of dosing and batching functions in agriculture
  • Solutions for tank weighing

HBM Weighing Solutions for Agriculture

Chemical Industry

  • Weighing and monitoring of control of batching, dosing, weighing and filling processes
  • Explosion-proof equipment available

HBM Solutions for the Chemical Industry

Medical Technology

  • Weighing solutions for medical scales
  • Sensing solutions for lifters, pumps, CPR devices and other medical instruments.

HBM Medical Technology Solutions

Food Processing Technology

  • Dosing, filling and maxing control for efficient food production
  • Precise weighing solutions for hygienic design

HBM Food Processing Technology Solutions

Scale Manufacturing

  • Load cells and weighing solutions for scale manufacturing
  • Trusted and precise solutions for many scale types

HBM Scale Manufacturing Solutions

Customer-defined solutions

  • Innovative customized solutions
  • Rapid realization using fast prototyping

Aerospace Testing

  • Measurement solutions for structural and fatigue testing
  • High-channel count solutions

HBM Aerospace Testing Solutions

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