newLight FS73MTP | Multipoint temperature measurements newLight FS73MTP | Multipoint temperature measurements | HBM

new Light FS73 Multipoint Temperature Measurements for different applications

Detect and measure temperature gradients and hot spots easily with multipoint measurements.

Whether looking to monitor temperature gradients or require high voltage compatibility, our temperature sensors are designed to deliver exceptional performance in industrial settings.

Long Term Stability

FBG sensor's response is inherently stable over time, ensuring absolute measurements with no drift.

Stable measurements through long periods of operation.

Passive and dielectric

Optical sensors operate with no active powering or current and can be fully built with dielectric materials.

Suitable for explosive and High Voltage environments

Multipoint measurements

Easy thermal gradient and hot spot detection with several measuring points connected to a single connector of the interrogator.

Cost effective solution for hundreds of sensors per optical interrogator

FS73DTP – Dielectric Temperature Probe Bundle

Bundle of FS63DTP probes combined. With totally dielectric design they function efficiently and safely in high voltage environments.

  • Selectable 1 to 16 Probes
  • Definable cable length and spiral wrap
  • Configurable calibration range -40ºC to 100ºC [-40ºF to 212ºF] or -40ºC to 200ºC [-40ºF to 392ºF]
  • FC/APC or SC/APC connectors

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An Introduction to Optical Measurement Chains based on Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG)

  • How to choose the right components for your optical monitoring solution
  • For which applications can FBG technology be used?
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Technical Documentation

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Data Sheets
FS63DTP - Data Sheet English
FS63DTP - Datenblatt German
FS63DTP - データシート Japanese
FS73MTP newLight - Caractéristiques techniques French
FS73MTP newLight - Datenblatt German
FS73MTP newLight - データシート Japanese
FBG Sensors - Flyer English
FBG Sensors - Flyer German
FBG Sensors - Flyer Chinese
FBG Sensors - Flyer Korean
FBG Sensors - Flyer Italian
FBG Sensors - Flyer Portuguese
HBM FiberSensing: Lösungen für optische Messungen - Broschüre German
HBM FiberSensing: Optical Measurement Solutions - Brochure English
HBM FiberSensing: Optical Measurement Solutions - パンフレット Japanese
Mounting Instructions
FS63DTP/FS73DTP - 設置手順書 Japanese
FS63DTP/FS73DTP - Montageanleitung German
FS63DTP/FS73DTP - Mounting Instructions English
FS63DTP/FS73DTP - Notice de montage French
FS73MTP newLight - Montageanleitung German
FS73MTP newLight - Notice de montage French
FS73MTP newLight - 設置マニュアル Japanese
FS Accessoires de liaison - Caractéristiques techniques French
FS Linking Accessories - Data Sheet English
FS Tools - Data sheet English
FS Verbindungszubehör - Datenblatt German
FS-Splitter newLight - Caractéristiques techniques French
FS-Splitter newLight - Data Sheet English
FS-Splitter newLight - Datenblatt German
FS-Splitter newLight - データシート Japanese
Tech Notes
Temperature compensation in catman Multilanguage
Temperature compensation with FBG sensors Multilanguage