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newLight FS63 Optical Temperature Sensor for Accurate and Reliable Temperature Measurements

The newLight FS63 optical temperature sensors are based on the Fiber Bragg Grating Technology (FBG) and designed to accurately retrieve temperature measurements in large structures and machines without interferences from external noise. Furthermore, their small size and lightweight structure makes them the ideal choice for hard-to-reach locations and measuring points granting low transmission losses even under harsh environments.

With improved temperature stability, these sensors are particularly suited for temperature measurements in large structures and thermal mapping in electrical machines. Moreover, the FS63 temperature sensors can be used for thermal compensation of other optical sensors. Different calibration options allow for diverse temperature ranges or cost reduction for when the sensor is used as a temperature compensation element.

Smart fit

  • Different temperature formats to fit the most demanding application including efficient temperature compensation of strain measurements

Accurate and reliable strain or temperature measurement results


  • Dual lead fibers for connection of a large number of combined sensors in a single optical cable

Fitted to a wide range of applications

Safe and robust

  • Best choice of materials to provide electrical isolation against explosive atmospheres, high voltage areas, and intense electromagnetic fields

Effective even under hazardous environments

Select Your Sensor

FS63LTS - Laboratory Temperature Sensor

  • Small diameter sensor for measuring temperature from -40ºC [-40ºF] to 100ºC [212ºF]
  • Perfect to use for compensating the effect of temperature on FS62PSS or FS62WSS strain sensors with a braided cable
  • Use adhesives or cable ties for sensor fixation
  • Protect with ABM75 or AK22 for longevity

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FS63CTS - Composite Temperature Sensor

  • Glueable sensor for all types of surfaces including inhomogeneous materials, such as concrete or composite
  • Operate between -20ºC [-4ºF] to 80ºC [176ºF]
  • Comes with aramid or armored cables for rougher environments
  • Perfect for compensating its strain sensor pair FS62CSS
  • Protect with ABM75 or AK22 for longevity

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FS63WTS – Weldable Temperature Sensor

  • Designed to be spot welded to metallic structures
  • Measure between -20ºC [-4ºF] to 80ºC [176ºF]
  • Available with aramid or armored cables
  • Temperature equivalent to the FS62WSS strain sensor that can be used for thermal compensation
  • Use with VBS's spot-welding or similar machines is recommended
  • Protect with ABM75 or AK22 for longevity

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FS63RTS – Rugged Temperature Sensor

  • Rugged sensor for general purpose measurements
  • Embed in concrete structures before concrete pouring for monitoring projects
  • Can be used as a temperature sensor or for thermal compensation of strain measurements, for example, of the FS62RSS strain sensor
  • Features measurement ranges of -20ºC [-4ºF] to 80ºC [176ºF]
  • Use with glues that ensure thermal transfer or simply tie with cables

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FS63DTP – Dielectric Temperature Probe

  • Full dielectric design for safe operation in all environments
  • Small, light and fast response probe to be used on tight locations
  • Selectable calibration ranges up to 200ºC [392ºF]
  • Order as a FS73DTP bundle of 1 to 16 sensors with configurable cable length and connector type

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Optical Fiber Sensors vs. Conventional Electrical Strain Gauges for Infrastructure Monitoring Applications

  • FBG principles
  • Bragg wavelengths
  • Monitoring applications

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Technical Documentation

Title / DescriptionLanguage
Data Sheets
FS63CTS newLight - Caractéristiques techniques French
FS63CTS newLight - Data Sheet English
FS63CTS newLight - Datenblatt German
FS63CTS newLight - データシート Japanese
FS63DTP - Data Sheet English
FS63DTP - Datenblatt German
FS63DTP - データシート Japanese
FS63LTS newLight - Caractéristiques techniques French
FS63LTS newLight - Data Sheet English
FS63LTS newLight - Datenblatt German
FS63LTS newLight - データシート Japanese
FS63RTS newLight - Caractéristiques techniques French
FS63RTS newLight - Data Sheet English
FS63RTS newLight - Datenblatt German
FS63RTS newLight - データシート Japanese
FS63WTS newLight - Caractéristiques techniques French
FS63WTS newLight - Data Sheet English
FS63WTS newLight - Datenblatt German
FS63WTS newLight - データシート Japanese
FBG Sensors - Flyer English
FBG Sensors - Flyer German
FBG Sensors - Flyer Chinese
FBG Sensors - Flyer Korean
FBG Sensors - Flyer Italian
FBG Sensors - Flyer Portuguese
HBM FiberSensing: Lösungen für optische Messungen - Broschüre German
HBM FiberSensing: Optical Measurement Solutions - Brochure English
HBM FiberSensing: Optical Measurement Solutions - パンフレット Japanese
Mounting Instructions
FS62CSS, FS63CTS newLight - Montageanleitung German
FS62CSS, FS63CTS newLight - Mounting Instructions English
FS62CSS, FS63CTS newLight - Notice de Montage French
FS62CSS, FS63CTS newLight - 取付説明書 Japanese
FS62PSS, FS62PSR, FS63LTS newLight - Montageanleitung German
FS62PSS, FS62PSR, FS63LTS newLight - Mounting instructions English
FS62PSS, FS62PSR, FS63LTS newLight - Notice de Montage French
FS62PSS, FS62PSR, FS63LTS newLight - ユーザマニュアル Japanese
FS62RSS, FS63RTS newLight - Mounting Instructions English
FS62WSS, FS63WSR, FS62WTS newLight - Mounting Instructions English
FS62WSS, FS63WTS newLight - Notice de montage French
FS62WSS, FS63WTS newLight - 設置マニュアル Japanese
FS62WSS, FS63WTS newLight - Montageanleitung German
FS63DTP/FS73DTP - 設置手順書 Japanese
FS63DTP/FS73DTP - Montageanleitung German
FS63DTP/FS73DTP - Mounting Instructions English
FS63DTP/FS73DTP - Notice de montage French
FS Accessoires de liaison - Caractéristiques techniques French
FS Linking Accessories - Data Sheet English
FS Tools - Data sheet English
FS Verbindungszubehör - Datenblatt German
FS-Splitter newLight - Caractéristiques techniques French
FS-Splitter newLight - Data Sheet English
FS-Splitter newLight - Datenblatt German
FS-Splitter newLight - データシート Japanese
FS80/FS81/FS82/FS83 ] リンクの () - データシート Japanese
Tech Notes
Sensing of Surface Strain with Flexible Fiber Bragg Strain Gages English
Temperature compensation in catman Multilanguage
Temperature compensation with FBG sensors Multilanguage
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