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Measuring Amplifiers, Transmitters, and Weighing Electronics for Factory and Process Automation

HBM is your reliable partner in industrial process control. We offer modern and smart solutions throughout the entire measurement chain, as well as professional services.

Take the innovative step into the smart factory with open automation and HBK, and secure your know-how; Modern functionalities simply implemented with maximum flexibility.

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HBM industrial electronics convince with their high accuracy and flexible application functions, as well as modern, web-compatible interfaces.

Extremely durable, ensuring optimal results in production and test benches

The web server and software provide user interfaces that are ideally suited for dynamic and static industrial applications.

Extremely short setup times and long-term investment security

Whether in assembly, press monitoring, filling, checkweighing, or quality control: The industrial electronics are proven even in harsh environments.

Multi-functional, plus an HBM service team readily available to support you

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Everything you need to know about industrial automation and weighing technology, as well as valuable know-how and tutorials, can be found on our knowledge pages: