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Basics of Load Measurement

Vague results – load cells of accuracy class C6 under test
Vague results – load cells of accuracy class C6 under test

Load application in load cells
Be it load direction, support structure or mounting aids – load application on load cells is influenced by multiple factors.

Overload protection - good protection for load cells
Protecting load cells against overload is frequently achieved by over-dimensioning them. If the overload protection is actually achieved through this, no additional expenditure is necessary.

Cables and their impact on test and measurement equipment
The complete measuring chain needs to meet high quality standards. High demands should also be made on the measuring cables.

One footprint for the construction of weighing systems
Easy to install, fast to develop: The SP4 footprint simplifies the construction of weighing systems and allows considerable flexibility for changes.

How to implement truck scales
Find out how truck scales can be implemented with load cells and weighing electronics from HBM, and how they came about historically

Dynamic Weighing

FIT7A Video Tutorial: Setting up a checkweigher
This video demonstrates how you get quick and precise results using the FIT7A digital load cell and the PanelX software by HBM.

Process and container weighing

Explanation of ATEX marking
Up-to-date ATEX markings easily catch you up on the applications, protection concepts, equipment groups, and temperature classes of our load cells.

Legal-for-trade weighing systems in open automation appli
HBM provides the components and systems for weighing technology, to allow scales to be flexibly integrated into filling or loading systems.

Structural Design of Tank Weighing Systems
Some rules must be followed when installing load cells in tanks. Typical tank designs are represented in a stylized manner by way of example.

Hygienic weighing

Hygienic design is mandatory
Perfect compliance with hygiene requirements is only possible if the design of all the systems and components involved in production is geared towards hygiene.

Video Tutorials - Expert Knowledge

HBM Weighing Technology
Setup of a Checkweigher Using Digital Weighing Technology