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Reliable Joining Processes

Maximize the quality of joining processes such as riveting, clinching or press-fitting using the specially developed sensors and measuring amplifier systems from HBK.

Joining processes are usually evaluated through force-displacement monitoring, that is, monitoring of whether the applied process force and the resulting displacement a rivet travels in a workpiece (for example) comply with the process specifications. HBK sensors are used for this as they can be very precisely adapted to the requirements of this monitoring task:

  • Due to their small displacements, the force sensors (CFW, CLP, KMR+ or U93 and U3) guarantee high stiffness ensuring that the force measurement does not impact the displacement measurement
  • Displacement transducers are based on a robust inductive operating principle
  • Force sensors are based on strain gauges or piezoelectric sensors
  • Solutions for both the force flow and the force shunt (strain sensors and force washers)
  • Solutions for torque/angle of rotation using proven HBM torque transducers
  • Calibration services are provided by the accredited laboratory to guarantee compliance with audit requirements

The subsequent process monitoring using ClipX or MP85A FASTpress – the measuring amplifier for the monitoring of the joining process – continuously acquires two measured quantities (for example, force and displacement or time, or torque versus angle of rotation) and evaluates processes flexibly through adjustable tolerance bands or tolerance windows, so that you immediately get an OK or NOT OK evaluation.

HBK sensors and services

  • Compact, robust sensors for measuring force, displacement and torque
  • Load cells for measurements in force flow and sensors for force shunt measurements
  • Strain-gauge and piezoelectric sensor technology
  • Fast reading of sensor data via TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet): your measuring amplifier is automatically parameterized
  • Process-specific algorithms and software assistants integrated with the measuring amplifiers
  • A wide range of freely accessible automation interfaces through ‘Open Automation
  • Calibration services
  • All components – from sensor to software – from a single source

Specialized sensor technology

  • For direct and indirect force measurements
  • Compact, robust sensors, traceable (according to ISO9001/IAFT)
  • Fast reading of sensor data via TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet)

Ready-to-use measuring amplifiers

  • Comprehensive, predefined process evaluation criteria and analysis options
  • All evaluation elements can be combined to fit a specific process (parameterization instead of programming)
  • Storage of all settings as formulations


  • Evaluation of all single process failures and the overall result
  • All data can be visualized and saved
  • Modern interfaces ensure data transfer to, and remote monitoring of, the automation system or a cloud

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