Webinar: Hole-Drilling Residual Stress Measurements with the MTS3000 - Complete System Setup, Connection and Test


The MTS3000 is a complete solution for measuring residual stress by the hole-drilling strain-gage method, in accordance with ASTM standard E837-13.
The test can be made in fully automatic mode, thus ensuring high accuracy and repeatability of the measurement itself.

This webinar shows all the main steps for preparing and performing a correct measurement. In particular:

  • MTS3000 overview
  • System connection
  • Setup of the mechanical device
  • Main maintenance operations
  • Strain gage amplifier connection (Quantum X)
  • Strain gage installation (practical hints)
  • Overview of the test setup software
  • Centering and zero setting process
  • Complete hole drilling test
  • Final operations


Alessio Benincasa


Hole-drilling residual stress measurements with the MTS3000: complete system setup, connection and test (pdf)

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